Saturday, 22 September 2012

Spicy Fruit Tikka

Spicy Fruit Tikka

Del Monte Pineapple Pieces (tit bits or pineapple slices )
If using Pineapple slices cut them into smaller pieces.
Del Monte Prunes
Tomatoes cut into wedges or cherry tomatoes

Del monte Ketchup

For the dip
Black Salt
Lemon Juice
Red Chili Powder (Optional)
Del Monte Ketchup

Take a tikka stick or wooden stick pierce a piece of pineapple then place on it a wedge of tomato then prune . repeat this arrangement two times.
Make a dip of black salt ,lemon juice an little honey.(red chilli powder optional)
Dip this stick in this dip and roast in on low flame or a grill for 1-2 minute.
The honey glazed delicious fruit tikka is ready

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