Friday, 12 October 2012

Some Thoughts for the future

Just another evening at the nearby café with my friends, we chatted and discussed various things under the sun. Sipping my glass of cold coffee and munching my Choco-chip cookies I listened as my friends discussed the rising prices not a very interesting discussion I thought as I tried to remain part of the conversation amidst some heated discussions about the rising prices and government policies. It seemed not a very fruitful discussion with lot of smoke literally with a ashtray full of cigarette butts and puffs of smoke from their favourite brands.  My thoughts drifted to a morning conversation that I overheard . It was my neighbour aunty arguing with the kabadiwala haggling over the old newspaper and empty rum bottle rates. She managed to get over Rs 300/- from him but did not seem pleased at all. She said aaj kal 300/- Rs, mein aata hi kya hai.(What does one get in Rs 300 these days). To this the kabadi wala quickly retorted madam I save 300 per day for my daughter’s education so that she may get a good education when she grows up.
As my thoughts drifted back to the discussion I felt the gloomy prospects of not being able to enjoy a cup of cold coffee, buy my favourite brands or this life style seemed to gloomy   so I shared the Rs 300 saving a day gyan, elaborating on it that if we invest Rs 100 a day then we can have an additional fixed income or pention when we come to the retirement age .
With retirement sorted out at Rs 300 a day saving and
Child education at 300 a day saving it seemed a silver lining to present day scenario of doom & gloom so we decided to catch a Sunday evening show at the nearby multiplex.
Oblivious of the fact that my friends needed to cut down on their smoking or it would any way kill them & me (of passive smoking) or were they banking on the Rs1000 a month investment plan with a health cover of  for hospitalization  
we made a move towards the multiplex to catch a movie. And how would I get this additional 10-11000 Rs for investment ? would I tweak my yearly 1 lakh tax saving investment or should I start investing in the stock markets were some of the thoughts that occupied my mind for the rest of the evening.


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