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Keeping the Child healthy & make the Home Happy

Children are a bundle of joy .Ask any parent and they would agree .However there would be fair number of naysayers  .Whichever category you belong to, you would agree that bringing up children is a full time job that takes a lot of energy and effort.
However some may argue that more difficult then being a parent is being a child . As a child is constantly dealing with a body that is growing. He or she competes with other children at school, is under tremendous peer pressure to make a mark in studies,sports or extra curricular activities .
Actually for us as parents the focus of our lives begins to revolve around our children. Right from the infant stage we begin to care more and modify our timetables to  adjust better in looking after our children.
A child who is healthy brightens the spirit of the whole household. Being more cheerful he /she also brings and spreads an infectious cheer to the entire household, and some part of us as grown ups revisits our childhood and this uninhibited banter and energy brings out the child in a lot of us. However infectious cheer is not the only thing that the children bring back home. Playing in the mud, ,being in the class of numerous other children, in close proximity of other children and environments that carry germs, Disease pathogens and viruses puts our young ones at constant risk. So what do we do ? restrict them from playing outside? or be in the close proximity of other children who may be suffering from colds,flues or other viral infections? This is hardly an option because a child's life is not easy. It is not a T-20 match where he/she has to perform for a short period of time .Instead its like a test match where the endurance ,immunity and skill to negotiate the day to day challenges is tested. The moment a child falls ill the whole activity in a household comes to a stand still. The exuberant playfulness of the child is replaced by the irritability or sickly behaviour. This does not just affect the child but the spirits of the child as well .Cheerful outings are cut short,. Ice  creams become a strict No-No and instead of going out to play or go on for a drive.the parents are busy seeking an appointment from the doctor.
So what is the solution? Is it to quarantine the child? & keep minimum contact with the outside world? On the contrary a disease is only a way of mother nature telling the parent that there are more things that needs to be done to boost the disease fighting ability of the child i.e the prepare for the trials and tribulations we must give our children tonics and immunity boosters that give our children better chances to overcome and fight diseases and have a natural immunity for disease causing pathogens. So a healthy child is a happy childThe child being the center of our homes , a happy child makes  a home
The best way to increase immunity is to introduce natural tonics that boost the child's immunity. Our ancient rishis identified herbs and plants that boost our immunity Amla a great source of vitamin C which boosts our immunity system and is a rich source of anti oxidants.

Giloy or  Guduchi has been documented to have immuno-modulatory properties.

Satavari helps protect our health

Bala is an antioxident
Vidarikand is a rejuvinator.
However the good part is that we need not consume these ingredients individually. For our benefits all these ingredients have been used to create a tasty and easy to consume mix called Dabur Chyawanprash which is known to have a 3X immunity boosting properties

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