Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Swapping my skateboard for a smile

As a kid I used to look forward to my summer vacations. It was the time when I used to have fun with friends and play around. In those days skate boards were the most sought after things amongst the youngsters of my age I too aspired to get one but they were expensive. My birthday was far away and so getting it on my Birthday as a present was not a possibility. So I decided to do a summer job and earn enough money to buy myself a skateboard. It was a grueling summer job as it required me to sell products going door to door. The weight of the heavy bag on my shoulder that contained bottles of squashes to be sold and the sweltering heat made my first summer job very difficult. It was only my resolve to get myself the skateboard that kept me going. Every evening when I returned home I used to find my grandmother waiting for me with a glass of lemonade or lassi and some snacks. As I sipped my cold drink and nibbled at the snacks I used to recount all the days incidents to her and she would tell me anecdotes from her life .Then finally the day came when I had enough money to buy myself the skate board. It was a wonderful feeling when I used it for the first time. Standing on it with one foot and then pushing the ground with the other foot gave me the momentum to move forward. The feeling of the cool breeze blowing through my hair was an elating experience. My skateboard became my most prized possession and I began to look forward for every opportunity to ride it. It was so precious to me that I would not let anyone even touch it. Me and my brother were very close and shared all our toys and comics but when it came to sharing the skateboard it was strictly out of bounds for him too. After all it was my most prized possession and what if he scratched it or broke it even this thought was unbearable. I was reveling in the joy of using my skate board every day and then came the day when my grandmother was to go on a pilgrimage. She packed her clothes in her trunk and I was to take her to the railway station. As I lifted her trunk I found it to be quite heavy. I realized that  it would be very heavy for her to carry. I could not understand how she would carry this heavy load. Then an idea came to me I quickly put my skate board on the base of the trunk and fastened it with the help of screws and a piece of rope on the underside of the trunk. I attached a piece of rope on one metal handle of the trunk so that she could pull it by tugging at the rope. Attaching my skateboard to my grandmother’s trunk had transformed it into a Trolley bag which she could pull with ease. This caring for her brought an instant smile and glow to my grandmother’s wrinkled face that now seemed to have a few wrinkles less as she smiled with joy. My brother was very surprised as to how I could sacrifice my precious skateboard and I was happy and content that I could do something to make my grandmothers life easy. Trading my skateboard for a little comfort for my grandmother was my dil ki deal.

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