Thursday, 8 October 2015

Look no further LG NEXUS 5X is here

I am a person who likes to be always connected with my friends and a good mobile phone is an essential tool that helps me connect with them. I like to party with my friends and go on outings and take selfies and pictures. My requirement was a phone that could do the perfect job of letting me chat with me friends as well as allowing me to click photos wherever and whenever I wanted.
Till now the greatest handicap that I face in using the mobile camera to take photos is that the dim light photos do not turn out as good as desired. There is a lot of picture noise and detailing is lost in the night shots. This left me frustrated as I was not able to capture all those priceless moments with my friends in the form that I wanted them to be.
Then I chanced upon the LG NEXUS 5X series phone. The features of this phone are like a wish coming true.

The phone is packed with features that I adore and find essential out of this long list the top three are as follows.
Firstly the processor is a Snapdragon hexa-core 128Ghz 64 bit processor with Adreno 418 GPU that ensures that the phone keeps running fast and smoothly for a very long time to come. I love phones with a fast and powerful processor as the processor and the GPU speeds determine the speed and responsiveness of the phone. A hexa-core would help me multitask and switch between apps with ease. It would also make sure that I have plenty of processing power irrespective of the fact that I may be using an app,taking pictures or playing a game.

Secondly The Camera with Rear: 12.3 MP2; 1.55 μm; f/2.0
and Front: 5 MP camera makes it stand apart from the crowd. The 1.55 μm camera on this phone captures more light even in the dimmest conditions so even the low light pictures turn out to be sharp and detailed. This is indeed a feature that I find very attractive.
It not only clicks pictures and take videos but provides a beautiful interface to diplay ,search and share my images and videos according to the people,places and things in them. This friends is definitely very big advantage as most people would agree that searching for and locating a video or a picture that we may have clicked and stored on our camera can be a daunting task.
I interact with a lot of people in a day and invariably come across people who would just pick up your good looking phone and start browsing its content on the pretext of admiring the design or its features. Just imagine your boss picks up your phone and chances to find a message that is a gossip about himself.How awkward moment for you certainly. However if you are using LG NEXUS 5X you avoid facing such embarrassments and your content is safe from prying eyes. This becomes possible because of the Nexus Imprint security feature.
This is a fingerprint sensor for your phone that unlocks the phone only in response to your fingerprint.

So when the owner of the phone uses the phone this feature quickly opens the apps or the home screen in response to the owners touch. However the finger print lock prevents others to access your content without your authorization.
The fingerprint sensor is so placed that one need not do anything extra or special to use it. Its strategical location makes it possible to do a scan it just by putting our finger on the screen.
NEXUS IMPRINT has a feature that takes measurements each time you use the phone so with each use it just gets better and faster.
There so many more features in this phone but looking at these feature alone I can decide that this is the phone for me. It not only fuels my passion for recoing life in pictures and videos but makes it easy to search and share my prized possession that is the memories that I create with the media I record and most importantly my content is super secure thanks to the NEXUS IMPRINT feature built with a fingerprint scanner.

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