Saturday, 28 January 2017

The Warmth of Friendship

It is often said opposites attract but who ever coined this phrase did not know about me and my classmate Suraj. We were complete opposites. I was meticulous and studious and he was the complete opposite, always busy playing pranks and troubling me. Being the son of a teacher he got preferential treatment from the rest of the teachers. If this was not enough injustice he was always assigned to my group. So I was the one who did all the hard work be it any class projects or any activity but he would walk away with all the laurels. Even in the school plays he was the one who would get the best roles and most of us including me would be assigned some insignificant part. From raiding my lunchbox to hiding my homework and getting me into trouble was his favorite past time. One could say that ours was a love hate relationship. I hated him and he loved to create more trouble for me.
The fact that he was also my lab partner made things even more difficult for me. It was the time of the year when the school session was coming to a close and the only silver lining for me was that since it was boards exams time I would no longer have to be the target of the pranks of Suraj.
On the penultimate day of school during the chemistry revision practicals he spilled some chemicals on my practical note book ruining it completely. As it was the record of a full years of work which was now lost due to his prank made me feel miserable. I was angry and I sulked but what could be done all my hard work had been wasted. As it was the year of my board exams so I was required to present my practical workbook in front of the external examiner. I felt very depressed and I fell ill and skipped the last day of school before the exam preparation holidays began.
Even at home I found it very hard to concentrate on my studies even when I recovered from the illness. The anger and frustration made me very bitter. I was neither able to focus on my revision nor was I able to rewrite my practicals notebook.
Then one day in the morning the door bell rang. When I opened the door I found the same bully classmate of mine Suraj standing at the door. He was the last person whom I expected or wanted to see and even before I could react he extended his right hand. In his hand I saw a practical note book neatly covered in brown paper. On its cover was my name handwritten in bold letters. I took the notebook from him and flipped through it. It had all the records of the experiments and the readings recreated and completed. He had even got it checked and signed by our chemistry teacher.
I was surprised and asked me how did he manage to do this to which he said that as he was my lab partner he had all the readings in his notebook and all he had to do was to copy it in to a new notebook. Being a teachers son had its perks and he had no problems getting it checked and signed by our chemistry teacher, As he said this his cold impish grin did not seem impish anymore. Instead what I saw was a new warm side of Suraj. He had sacrificed almost a week of our study leave in completing my project book and yes he had admitted in front of our chemistry teacher that it was his fault.

Till date I have preserved that practical notebook with great care as it holds for me warm loving memories of #MagicOfWarmth moment of finding a new friend.

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