Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Evolutionary Man

PC Man 1.0
My life as a computer user started as the PC Man 1.0,someone who sat in front of the desktop PC and typed merrily at the keyboard.The mechanical clicking sound of my keyboard  keys was like music to my ears.The life of the PC Man was simple yet important.He sat on top of the pyramid of importance.People looked upon him as a computer literate.He was respected and his opinion had weightage.Though my machine was relatively slow but there was an option to open it up and tinker with it and do any upgrade as needed.As time passed by the normal process of evolution took place and my desktop got replaced by a shining new laptop and I became the laptop man 2.0.

The laptop man 2.0.
.This was a faster machine and was portable.I took great pride in my new possession ,it was like moving from a bullock cart to a fast car.Winds of change swept once again and soon I found myself clutching onto a tablet.If you think that now I had become tabletman 3.0,then you are wrong because this evolutionary stage of mine is of a monkey man 3.0,
 Monkey Man 3.0
I am one of a crowd with everyone clutching onto their tablets with one hand and with the other hand holding onto the bar of a bus or a metro,or fiddling with a phone.All this goes in the name of multitasking.To an observer I  am looking like a monkey holding on to a branch,who frequently scrambles to recharge before the battery dies out and frequently shifting hands like a juggler.Instead of being evolved, the monkey man has limited options,the battery frequently dies out on him,limited options to install programs.He can only  install apps,unlike the desktop or laptop where there were options of installing and creating programs.
 now.the question of upgrading hardware does not exist.I can only give away my tablet and buy a new one.I finally hope that I evolve into the evolved man 4.0,

The evolved man 4.0,
who is the evolved tablet man and has the device that can be used as a desktop,a laptop and a tablet rolled into one with a long battery life,no hangups.It should be ergonomically designed so that it is easy to hold.In terms of hardware it should have the option of upgrading the ram ,the processors and the graphics.In terms of operating system I should have the option of choosing my own operating system and the option of installing both programs and apps.,and I hope one day I will become the evolved man 4.0

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