Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Unmatched Blackberry Crush Bacardi Breezer experience

 Think of a room filled with people ,standing in small groups and engrossed in their own activity.The door opens and suddenly a celebrity steps in .It may be Katrina or Sachin or anyone you may fancy.What happens then, there is a hushed silence, a feeling of awe and surprise ,then every one come into action, all make a move forward and gather together as one to come into contact with their favorite,to touch and feel or express. Their emotions are out on a rampage. This is  exactly what happens when  Bacardi breezer blackberry crush is opened ,there ia a gasp of surprise and as the flavour assails the senses ,all move forward to cheer and clap, everyone wanting a share and savour the taste. No more groups but one large mass reaching out for the thrilling experience.

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