Friday, 26 December 2014

sachchai mein chain

I was just into college and the new found freedom was like a breath of fresh air to me and my gang of friends. After the boring routine of school life we got a taste of college life where there is no school uniform and no school bag. This freedom gives a new high and can be very intoxicating after twelve years of  regular school life. I wanted to make the most of this new found freedom. It was in college that I bunked a class for the first time.  Me and my friends planned a trip . The trip was to be a celebration of our newly found freedom. In fact we told our parents that we are going to a botanical and Zoological study tour to Goa to study the flora and fauna of the place. As the tour was supposed to be organized by the college there was no opposition from the parents side. The tour was supposed to take place during the winter break .We deliberately planned it for the month of December as it is the best time to go to Goa. We were super excited and on cloud nine. We made train reservations and booked rooms in an economy class hotel. All this was done with top secrecy. This added to our excitement as doing something which my parents did not know about was something new for me. Our excitement mounted further and further as the time came for us to travel to our desired destination. Soon it was the day of the departure and I left home with my backpack and suitcase. My mom had packed quite a lot of goodies for me to eat on the way. Soon I was at the railway station where I was soon joined by my college friends. We boarded the train which was already at the platform and took our seats.. We were an excited lot chattering nineteen to the dozen and enjoying this new found freedom. It was a dream coming true of  going to Goa, the land of beaches and fun. We had made big plans of what all we would do there and the places we would visit. Soon the journey came to an end and we were in Goa. We took a taxi and reached our hotel. After we were assigned the rooms we settled down and planned to rest awhile before venturing out and exploring the city. After resting for a while I unpacked my bags and began to open the goodies my mom had so lovingly packed for me. As their fragrance wafted to my nostrils I could see my mother baking them and then packing them in her characteristic style.
Suddenly I felt depressed at having lied to her about the trip. I  knew that I  had to speak to her and tell her the truth. Going to the nearest phone booth I phoned home. Hearing her voice ,with a sob in my voice I told her that it was not a college trip and asked her to forgive me for the lie I had spoken. She was calm and cool and then laughed asking me to make the best of the trip. I  was relieved and felt as if a burden had been removed now knowing that speaking the truth at the right moment matters.

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