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Lufthansa's A380 for a bigger better Travel experience

If you are offered a ride on a small coupe or a luxury SUV fully equipped with all the luxurious amenities then which will you prefer?
The answer to this question is a no brainer as we all like to travel in luxury, comfort and with utmost safety.
That’s just the opportunity that Lufthansa brings to India with its brand new A380 fleet of planes.
The new A380 #LufthansaA380
These planes are equipped with the latest technology that ups the safety quotient of your next flight by several notches. Airlines typically are known to pack as many seats in their planes so that they can carry larger number of passengers. This means reduced leg  room. There is a perpetual struggle to find luggage space in the overhead baggage holds and a never ending traffic jam while trying to navigate past other passengers  in the aisle’s of planes or waiting in a queue outside the airplane loo is a common sight.

However Lufthansa has a long tradition of putting the comfort of passengers foremost and their safety and well being is up most in its list of priorities.  #LufthansaA380
Lufthansa has decades of experience in aircraft maintenance and it uses its world class expertise in this field to make each aircraft flight ready before it is ready to undertake a flight

That’s the reason that it has introduced the A380 aircraft's in India.
For the Indian aviation industry and the air passengers of India it offers a great opportunity to savor the best in aviation luxury, comfort and safety that the world of air travel has to offer.
Long distance air travel involves sitting in your seat for long hours. Even a few extra inches of legroom a better ergonomically designed entertainment console and seats that are more comfortable and better  suited to support the body against the stress and  rigor of air travel  are bound to enhance the travel experience. That’s just what the people designing the Lufthansa’s A380 aircraft had in mind when they were designing these planes.

India has a population in excess of 1.25 billion people and at any given point in time a couple of hundred thousand are embarking on journeys to foreign lands. The A380 is the plane designed keeping the  needs of Indian air travellers in mind.
The plane has plenty of space to seat passengers of every class of travel like economy,business and first class.
business class seats that give the passengers the option to sit,recline or lie down almost flat or select a position in between.
A bigger plane of the size of A380 would ensure that there are plenty of seats . The advantage would be that if you book early you could get good price for the premium travel experience and plenty of seats to choose from. Even for the last minute travellers the possibility of getting a  ticket would be higher as there are more number of seats on the plane.

The A380 are especially suited for long haul flights so the latest in aviation technology has been put to use. This means lesser requirements for fuel refilling and reducing actual flying time .Cutting edge technology makes  the pilot sitting  in the plane aware of every  minute detail that they need to know about the plane and the high-tech cockpit making them better equipped to fly these giant planes more efficiently. For the passengers this translates to smother take off and landings and these planes are designed  to handle air pockets  much better. Passengers would experience lesser turbulence through rough weather . Even  those who are prone to air sickness would find their air journeys more comforting.
Travellers of long distance flights and frequent flayers often complain of  flight related discomforts. Lack of space to move their feet or walk often results in swelling specially in the lower limbs. In A380 seats offer more leg room and the seats are cushiony and there is vast design improvements to reduce  stress. Even the aisles are broader and there is quite a distance between different seating areas, so those who like to keep their circulation going by walking along the aisle will have more space thanks to the bigger cabin size of the aircraft. They experience roomy ness, openness and a sence of travel without confinement.
Spacious cabin in business offers plenty of space and legroom

A long haul flight would no longer mean that you are tied down to your seat instead the flights would offer an enhanced ,enriched comforting experience that the body of every passenger will cherish and of course the undying spirit of the Indian passenger would like to travel the world in Lufthansa’s A380 planes. 
More information about Lufthansa A380 can be found here  the Lufthansa India website
Enjoy the visual experience of A380: A380 Timelapse video

All images have been taken from the Lufthansa India website

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