Friday, 28 November 2014

Lets be a part of AbMontuBolega

Strepsils has initiated the campaign #AbMontuBolega .Its a wonderful campaign where people like you and me get to express their opinion or better still use their inner voice to speak out their Minds. It’s a great platform to express our inner voice . Many a times we have an opinion about a situation and it’s our inner voice or conscience that guides us telling us what to do in that particular situation . As individuals we all have this sense of judgement and opinion. However instead of suppressing our opinions about corruption, following traffic rules etc its  best to make our voice heard, to bring in a change  by visiting and posting our opinions.

As an individual we have opinions and beliefs. Our opinions could pertain to our aspirations and choices about day to day activities or bigger things in life such as career choices. Our beliefs shape us as individuals and give us our unique identity. Together our opinions and beliefs shape our personality and make us unique individuals. Expression of thought is a fundamental right. However more often then not we are subjected to pressures that suppress us from expressing our opinion and our sense of fair judgement.
Our sense of judgment and being righteous makes us civilized. However so many times we find opposition to our expression of what’s right. This could be from our parent’s side when we are young and want to decide a career or it could be peer pressure. Pressure from bosses at office is also very common. This sense of what’s right for us as an individual or for someone we care for or any generic situation is more of an evolutionary state that tries to make us stand for what we believe is correct for us or the right thing to do in a given scenario.

To oppose this free spirited individual righteousness is peer pressure or herding tendency often seen in peer groups of students, or co-workers. We tend to forget that we are not sheep. Instead we are individuals who need to standup  for what is right. Standing for right does not require taking out of processions or getting violent. It is as basic as raising our voice. Being vocal on platforms like and then sharing these  opinions on social media sites like Twitter and  Facebook . The beauty of this campaign is that it gives an individual the power to speak up what they believe is right and making it heard by the authorities or those in position to make decisions. It leverages the power of the social media to create a dialog. The initiation of this dialog brings together right minded people and is a great way to tell every individual that they are not alone in holding an opinion. Support though a share or a comment on facebook or a tweet is a powerful way of synergising opinions and bringing about change. It’s akin to a signature campaign. It tells every individual that they are not alone and have the power to bring in the change that they desire. As even the longest of journey’s starts with a small step. The start of every revolution begins with a thought that is expressed and shared. The power of speaking up and being vocal acts like the power of compounding that sets the tone for change. So speak up and be a part of #AbMontuBolega because it is about our city,our county our world and our civilization. We have the choice of changing whats not right and shaping the future .Cleaning India is not just about cleaning the streets but also about cleaning our society of the evils that exists. Let’s be a part of the #AbMontuBolega at Facebook  Twitter for a cleaner India

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