Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Rediscovering The Spark

Raj and Payal had a love marriage. Their marriage was relatively successful as their relationship transitioned from a boyfriend – girlfriend to a husband and wife. Things were going smoothly Raj played the role of a dutiful husband , the man of the house ,the bread earner and Payal played the role of the dutiful wife to the hilt. They both devoted themselves to their realms and roles so much that their marriage worked like a well-oiled machine. A machine that was well oiled with each part knowing its role and moving in tandem with the other part without any friction.
                Friction between Raj and Payal was not present and yet there was something missing . What was it was it the spark of love? They were so engrossed in playing their respective roles that they never could actually pinpoint what it was. Though Payal did complain that Raj did not have any time for her but Raj always tried to make up for lack of time by showering her with expensive gifts.
Then one day Payal received  a postcard inviting them for their Alumni reunion . Immediately she was reminded of her college days. How she and Raj spent time together in classrooms, college canteen and the cinema hall. They enjoyed each others company immensely. Walking hand in hand and going for long walks was their favourite pastime.
Now things seemed to have changed. They were together but still so far apart. She looked at herself in the mirror and was shocked to find herself looking so different. Perhaps the new responsibilities had taken their  toll on her . She looked a worn out version of her previous self. This set the alarm bells ringing. The reunion was about ten days away .What could she do to regain her old self?
She opened the glass dressing table cabinet and her fell on the bottle of Parachute Advansed body lotion. She knew that she had found the answer to her problems.  She picked up the bottle and started using it daily.
By day four there was a visible difference in how she looked and the way her skin felt. It felt soft and fresh. On the seventh day her skin felt nourished and she felt completely transformed.

She was happy that the magic had worked because when Raj came back from work he looked at her ,caught her hand and asked her to accompany him for a walk like they did in their college days.
Raj & Payal  had rediscovered their missing spark thanks to the Parachute Advansed Body lotion.

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