Friday, 30 January 2015

The TATA Bolt Experience that I Loved

I am an avid motor enthusiast and whenever it comes to buying a car the first thought that comes to my mind is that I want to own a sporty car. 

A car that makes me feel one with itself.
A car that could give me the adrenalin rush  when I press the accelerator and leave behind the city rush .

That honking traffic jams and crowed streets for the vast open green country side. A powerful sporty vehicle would make me glide through picturesque terrains and a good suspension coupled with powerful shock absorbers would make my ride smooth on any road from Kashmir to Kanyakumari.

However a part of my brain whispers to me the word “Fuel Economy” .It wants me to consider buying a car that gives me a fuel efficient drive. It wants me to choose a car that would give me maximum mileage out of every rupee that I spend on buying fuel.

Then another part of me draws my attention to the harsh reality of city driving that on most days I would be driving on city roads that are choking with traffic and there is bumper to bumper traffic .So I would need a car that is designed to run well in city driving conditions.
Luckily to answer all three of my needs comes a car that addresses all these needs. The car is TATA Motors new TATA BOLT.
1) It is fitted with a Revotron 1.2T Engine. This is India’s first 1.2L turbocharged MPFi petrol engine which delivers peak torque of 140 Nm @1500 - 4000 RPM and max power of 90 PS @ 5000 RPM.
What this translates in terms of driving experience is that  it offers three driving modes thanks to its Multi-Drive Feature .This features enables the driver to switch between three different driving modes depending upon the requirement the mode can be changed to SPORT,ECO or City mode. That is it gives you the power of 3 engines in one.

2) I love it for the connectivity and the entertainment console that comes with the car. Sitting on the drivers seat I see the CONNECTNEXT TOUCHSCREEN INFOTAINMENT BY HARMAN™ looking at me with a welcoming  smile.

It is a technological marvel that gives you control on your connectivity as well as entertainment. My first thoughts were wow this feels like the personal entertainment console of a premium first class or business class seat except that this console can do much more.

 Not only is this a touch based navigation system but also can take voice commands to search radio channels.It gives a number of options to connect to various types of media and playback options.

The Navigation System

Read out Messages received

Navigate the menu through Touch or Voice

 One can play the radio channels or play back media and images from a SD card or those present on our Android phone. I would like to say that I found the Navigation system  to be the biggest attraction as the strategically located screen gives  navigational directions without taking eyes off the road ahead. The sound quality of the speakers was incredible and offered an immersive experience.
3) Whenever I buy a car the first thing that I check is as to how how roomy is the car. For me the seats have to be comfortable and there should be plenty of leg room when I am driving or sitting in the rear seat. Bolt provides a spacious inside cabin that gives ample personal space and one does not feel cramped for space. Another important feature for me is that how is the view of the road from the drivers seat. On this count also TATA’s  BOLT scores well as one gets a good view of the road through the front windscreen.

What caught my attention is the joystick like control to adjust the outside mirror that is used to view the approaching traffic.
The AC is fully automatic with controls on the  touch screen.

4). When car are designed to move faster and there is perpetual traffic on the road then safety of the person driving and those seated in the car is of prime importance. TATA BOLT is fitted with one of the most advanced ABS or Anti-Lock Braking System by BOSCH.

What this does is that in case of emergency braking, it senses the wheel speed and prevents wheel lock-up while braking. This maintains better directional  control on the road. The CSC feature improves safety while the driver negotiates tight turns.

There are dual air bags present in front of the front seats to cushion the impact in case of any frontal collision. TATA BOLT has been designed with the safety of passengers in mind so it comes with active  speed-sensing auto door locks i.e all the doors are instantly locked when the car is in motion

So many of us have experienced that when we are driving in foggy conditions and look into  the rear mirror to view any approaching vehicle we find a coat of fog or mist deposited on the outside of the rear mirror. The SMART REAR WIPER is present to care of all those reversing in foggy or rainy conditions.

5). Design. My car has to be comfortable on the inside and good looking on the outside. It has to be something that I am proud to be seen with. As the car we drive makes or mars our personality.
The design and styling of the new TATA BOLT make it an eye catching vehicles with smooth curves and elegant finish.

The headlights give a car its personality and smoked projector headlamps of TATA BOLT not just illuminate the road ahead but also make a style statement. It gives the car a stylish look and announce the arrival of a car that means business.

They make the car look intelligent, strong and powerful, one gets the feel that it has only one agenda, the safety of the passengers and gives you the power to rule any road.

My overall experience of TATA BOLT is that it a spacious compact car that offers many firsts in its class. 

I am sharing my  TATA BOLT experience through the above video.

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