Saturday, 31 January 2015

Rise against the Pimples

I am a boy and the masculine image or stereo type suggests that I should be all macho ,masculine rugged and fearless. However I must confess that even we boys dread quite a few things and pimples is right there at the top of that list. It makes you look and feel bad. I for one always feel that everyone is looking at me or rather my pimples only. Whenever I pass by people who are cutting jokes or laughing I always felt that my pimples were the subject of their jokes. Normally I am a fun loving ,calm and jovial person however the breakout of pimples always made me very edgy and self-conscious. We guys always like to impress the girls in our class and try to do stunts on our bikes or do things in class to get their attention however with the occurrence of the first pimple it’s time to take cover and lie low .Normally we like to dress up wear our trendy shades and look like a stud however on "Those Days" when a pimple occur we would prefer to be dead then to be seen with pimples. From our student life we know that some of us are not able to avoid getting noticed with our pimple filled face and end up being nicknamed "Pimply" I remember the sister of a friend of mine was very conscious about her looks and one day she got what looked like a pimple. Suddenly she got very depressed and locked herself up in her room for days and tried a whole lot of medication, home remedies and what not for her pimples.
My first encounter with pimples occurred while I was in school. I was in the last year of school and being in the dramatics society we were preparing for the annual day play. I had a very small role as usual. I was one of the guys in the second last row of the crown. All I had to do was come in front and say “Vande Matram” as it was a play based on Indian Independence. One could say that it was a blink and you miss kind of a role. Then a few days before the day of the play. I got a small pimple . I still remember that I ran straight back home when I discovered a pimple on my forehead. Though tiny it stood out like a tombstone  making me feel that my skin was dead. Soon it developed in to a painful rash and more pimples followed. I had visions of other people with pimples being tormented by the pimple epidemic. I could suddenly related to this pain of humiliation that my elder sister must have felt when she went through this pimple phase. This pain bonded me with all those who had undergone this suffering and tormented by being criticised and being laughed at. When I could no longer hide in my room I went to my mother for help. At that point she was sitting with her mother. Seing me in so much distress that tried to console me and assured me that it is not the end of the world.  To make my mood lighter they related to me their ordeals with pimples. Though hated to the core the pimple had brought me,my mother and grandmother closer to each other bonding us with a bond that only those suffering from pimples can understand.
My grandmother told me that she had used local herbs and extracts to get rid of the pimples it was a long and elaborate task but by now great advances have been made and she has experienced the power of Active Neem face wash by Garnier to get rid of pimples effectively. So a tube of Garnier active Neem face wash was bought and I started using it. By the day of the play there was no sign left of the pimples on my face.

I now understand the benefits of Garnier Active Neem face wash and take pride in the fact I am a regular used and also advocate it to my friends .  My experience has taught me the need to maining a clean and healthy exfoliated skin with Garnier Active Neem Face wash. I won my battle against the pimples however till there is anyone out there suffering from pimples the war will go on. Lets Rise and unite against the menace of pimples

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