Sunday, 1 February 2015

Defining My MOM

I used to see my mom as just another housewife going about her life of attending to her daily chores and then she started a business. To manage her business better she enrolled herself in a computer class and with this class not she not only learnt a new skill but her perception of life and her ability to do things changed as well. I quote from her computer notes and her take on life in this reference
The year 1995 saw the birth of windows 95 . An operating system widely acclaimed for its ability to multitask and perform different roles at the same time. For example one could write a letter AND listen to music at the same time AND do the mathematical calculations on the calculator. No one batted an eyelid and this ability to multitask and perform various roles was greatly appreciated. When a man made machine can multitask everyone around it is appreciative and applauds the feat and sings accolades of people and the company that built the system. However when a girl or a women that is one of gods finest creation tries to perform various roles it is suddenly looked upon with doubt. A woman has co existed with man ever since the beginning of the species.So based on the inclination, interest and talent a women can perform all the tasks a man can as she has walked the same evolutionary path as man has. So why is it frowned upon when she wants to step out of the boundaries set for her. What gives men the right to label her to gender specific roles and put her in boxes. She should get equal opportunity to multitask and be what ever she wants to be . She can be a teacher AND a Singer AND a writer.
I am really curious to know that a phone that can make phone calls AND send messages AND play music AND take pictures AND has games on it is considered Smart however when a girl wants to perform multiple roles why are questions raised about her ability.

Is man trying to ascertain that an old pc or a smart phone are more intelligent and able to do multitasking and perform multiple roles better than a woman. Before you even begin to debate on this let me remind you that all these computers would not be present or perhaps not even existed had it not been for a lady called Ada Lovlace who is credited with writing the first computer program and is credited for viewing  a computer as more then a number crunching device. Had she been confined to being a housewife or a simple girl who stayed at home and devoted herself to domestic chores then perhaps we would not have all these multitasking devices. Its time for every girl and every woman to break away from the shackles of labels and roles. Don't let others decide for you what you can do. Its up to you to do this AND that AND anything else that you want to do, the sky is the limit you just have to believe in yourself AND act.
Now I see my mother as a multitasking computer with infinite ram never getting tired or crashing. Her software of inspiration never gets old as it keeps updating itself with new vigour and energy. She is adorable, full of love and compassion
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