Sunday, 15 February 2015

Asus ZenFone my ideal valentine

Valentine is the occasion for celebrating love and for falling in love one has to have the perfect partner. Talking about a partner the person has to be someone with whom you would like to spend a lot of time. When it comes to spending time the phone happens to be that one thing with which we spend the maximum amount of time in a day, so in a lot of ways our phone is our true love.
1)When  looking for a partner the first thing that catches one's attention is the look or the general appearance of the person or thing that becomes the object of your desire.

On this count the first thing that catches my eye is the Zen case that is an interchangeable color case that fits perfectly to the body of the ZenFone. Perhaps the saying that variety is the spice of life has been aptly coined keeping in mind the colorful cases that snugly hold the body of the phone. So changing the cover to match my clothes and mood makes the ZenFone a very desirable Valentine for me. It’s a feature that will find favor with all the fashion conscious people and the fashionista’s.
2) This phone is not just a beautiful and colorful phone but it has an Intel powered processor that makes it a beauty with brains.

Powered by the Intel Atom 2520 processor gives it has the power to deliver quality performance and efficiency that makes it standout in its class of phones. The beauty of this phone is that the processing power and efficiency do not put a strain on the battery life of the device . A thing that makes me its great fan and the Asus ZenFone is a great point of attraction for me.
3) If you have found some one whom you find to be interesting and would like to take your relationship to the next level then you need to spend quality time together to understand each other well. The long battery life of this ZenFone ensures just that

So I can play games on it or have long conversations with it without causing it to feel tired and drained .

4) The Asus ZenFone offers a dual sim feature that means that I can have two sims one for office and one for my personal calls and internet. This way my beloved that is in this case the Asus ZenFone can be with me 24X7. My ZenFone helps in keeping the balance between my official and personal life.


The dual sim of the Asus Zenfone offers feature like Dual standby and it supports speeds upto 42Mbps DC-HSPA+. Making it the ideal device to stream HD quality videos, watch Moves over the internet and search and view high quality multimedia content with very little or no buffer time.

5) People with similar interests having qualities that compliment each other often get along well. Its 5 element optical formula lens fuels my desire to take pictures and capture important moments of life forever. Its sensor has large photo-receptors and offers a wide aperture of f/2.0 .This would mean that even when an amateur like me takes pictures then the results would be better as more light would enter the lens and the resulting pictures would be more detailed and captivating.

Its 13 MP HD camera would ensure that I can capture and record events that happen around me in HD.

This is a  very serious attraction for me and the possibility of playing it back on the 6” HD display would give me the opportunity to checkout my videos then and there as I shoot them.
In my relation with the Asus ZenFone there would be no dull moments due to its 6” HD display that would always keep me engaged with some game or the other.

Your true love is always supposed to compliment you and in my case the excellent image quality will highlight all the pictures that I take with its magnificent 13 MP camera.
However its easy to understand features impress me the most ! I say this looking at the ZenUI that makes navigating and using the phone very easy . I can navigate and access all its features without getting lost in complex navigation maneuvers

I am smitten by this feature rich ASUS ZenFone and have compelling reasons to declare it as my ideal valentine. Getting this ASUS ZenFone is the best way to pamper myself for it offers a range of features that to me are like unconditional love from a device that is reliable,durable and long lasting .

One can buy this feature rich phone at and include it in our lives.

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