Wednesday, 18 February 2015

babies sleep better with Pampers Baby Dry Pants

With the birth of our little baby boy we congratulated ourselves on becoming a Father and a Mother however little did I realise that being a parent to a little one is one of the most challenging jobs in the entire universe and had many responsibilities associated with it. Being parents requires us to acquire superhuman skills overnight. The day passes somehow with the support of my parents however when night comes the responsibility of taking care of the baby and putting it to sleep falls on us .This is no mean task. The greatest challenge is the understanding the language and expression of an infant as they howl, scowl or smile. As the baby grows its sleep cycle also varies. In simple terms it means that it could be sleeping during the day and are wide awake during the night. So putting them to sleep at night can be an arduous task that I discovered.

We parents take turns to make our little baby go to sleep. The first thing that we do is dim the light of our room and switch on the night lamp as Our little one is wide awake by the time its bedtime so putting it to sleep is no mean task then we try to pat it to sleep this is the time when it usually gets in a playful mood and wants to get into our arms. Otherwise it would make a lot of noise and even start crying. This is the time we prepare for a long and peaceful night for the baby by checking if its diaper is dry. We take turns to rock it in our arms and try to sing it a lullaby. We know that it is about to go to sleep when it begins to pat us back as if it is trying to put us to sleep. This reciprocal patting finally put our little one to sleep. Then during the night we take turns to check if the baby is sleeping properly. However several times we find our dear little one is lying in a wet diaper. So many times we have awaken due to its crying as it has been in a wet diaper for very long. This makes the baby grumpy the next morning and even we as parents live a sleep deprived life. Then one day family friend suggested that we try Pampers Baby Dry Pants. We even got a free sample online to try for our little baby. We still follow the same bedtime ritual to put our dear little baby to sleep however instead of ordinary diapers we have switched to Pampers Baby Dry Pants. The wonderful  change that has come in our lives is that we no longer have to get up several times during the night to check if the baby’s diapers are wet and in need of a change. Even our baby sleeps undisturbed throughout the night. The good part about the Pampers Baby Dry Pants is that one dry pant is enough for the entire night. It has baby lotion to protect the delicate skin of our baby from inflammation and rashes. A single Pampers Baby Dry Pants is designed to absorb up to 5 glasses of fluid from its surface and keep the baby dry for up to 10 hours.  This is like a god sent product for all babies and their parents.

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