Sunday, 29 November 2015

5 commandments for getting and retaining soft and healthy baby skin

From the moment I saw my little sister for the first time I was awe struck by the little ones beauty. Curly hair,big black eyes and dazzling creamy and gentle skin. I was almost scared to touch her for I did not want to harm her and cause her any discomfort. Even to a five year old boy that I was she appeared a tiny and fragile doll who was so delicate.
The moment a baby arrives in our home and our lives everything changes. Our entire life begins to revolve around the baby.
Babies are very delicate and their skin is the only shield that stands between them and the outside world. A baby's skin is very gentle and delicate. It needs extra care as it is the one thing that protects the baby from the external elements. For a baby its skin is the armor that guards it from external infections, germs,organisms and the elements. A baby's skin being gentle needs extra care and nurturing.

The first thing that my mother did was to always ensure that my little sister lay on a soft sheet so that her soft skin would not  get bruised due to the constant kicking and moving all babies indulge in.Another advantage is it is easy to remove and change.This also means frequent washing and drying too. A small sized cloth dries quicker as compared to a big one so this helps you ensure that  you do not run out of soft and dry sheets at any given time. It is a good practice to keep a sheet of water proof material.This is done to avoid any fluids leaking to the lower bedding and surroundings due to spilling of water,milk or other liquids.As wet surrounds lead to dampness and possibility for bacteria and other infection to thrive and harm the baby by virtue of skin allergies and infections.  We invariably used light colored and soft fabric for the baby as it is gentle to touch and does not cause any discomfort or rash to the baby's skin. The light colors are soothing to the eye and its easy to spot any dirt or wetness on the light colored fabric.

Checking and changing nappy's and diapers at regular intervals:
It is a good practice to check at regular intervals if the diapers have got dirty and need a change.
It is important to not let the baby be in a wet diaper as it not only gives the baby an uncomfortable feeling but can also result in skin irritation, rashes and infections.
An important aspect and addition to the diapers are disposable diapers such as Pamper Premium care pants. The biggest advantage is that they are very gentle and do not irritate the baby's skin.Its cotton like feel is #SoftestForBabySkin and lets the baby skin breathe. They can absorb up to 5 glasses of liquid from its srface and keep the baby dry up to 10 hours.
This means that one pampers dry pant can last the entire night and can not only keep the baby dry for the entire night and let it sleep undisturbed but also the tired parents can sleep in peace with the assurance that the baby would remain dry throughout the night. It has baby lotion to protect the delicate skin of our baby from inflammation and rashes.
Use soft cotton clothes that are loose so that the baby can move freely and its skin can breathe. While cleaning them do not use harsh chemicals or strong detergents. Wash them separately for other clothes using mild detergents.
Cleaning a baby and bathing it is a ritual in itself.An oil massage with baby oil and then giving the baby a bath with lukewarm water helps to clean the baby and keeps its skin healthy and clean. Only baby soaps that are free from harsh chemicals should be used to bathe the baby.
Then pat the baby dry after a bath with a soft towel.
A baby's skin needs moisturization one should ensure that the moisturizer is gentle and suitable for a baby's skin.
It is important not to expose the gentle skin of the baby to harsh sunlight.
Protect the baby from insects and mosquitoes: Use a mosquito net and avoid using mosquito repellants that are chemical based and can irritate and harm the baby's skin.

“Pampers brings you the softest ever Pampers Premium Care Pants. Its cotton-like softness is #SoftestForBabySkin and allows it to breathe, thus keeping baby’s skin soft and healthy, and your baby happy. ”

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