Monday, 30 November 2015

Yummy Ghia-Doodhi Halwa

Yummy Ghia-Doodhi Halwa
Ghia/Doodhi Ka Halwa
Preparation Time ~ 20 min
Cook Time ~ 40 Min
Servers ~ 4 People
4 Cups grated bottle guard / Ghia /Doodhi
1 Cup Milk
½ cup desi ghee
Sugarfree Natura for sweetening
Take a cooking pan. A heavy cooking pan is suited so that the Ghia halwa does not get burnt.
Add the grated ghia and milk and bring it to boil.Add the ghee and keep cooking till the ghee begins to leave the sides of the pan. Keep stirring so that the ghia does not get stuck to the pan and get burnt.
The consistency of the ghia milk mix would have thickened by now.Add the cashews & resins and mix well. Add Sugarfree Natura as per taste to sweeten the halwa. Mix it well.
Yummy Ghia/Doodhi halwa is ready and can be served both hot as well as cold.

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