Monday, 16 November 2015

The Gojrej Interio Upload and Transform Experience

Winning is a very unique feeling that gives me a high like no other. The winning gets even more special when the prize is a  transformation from Godrej Interio. Godrej Interio being India's leading furniture brand with a diverse range of products that are both functional as well as elegant.
I got lucky thanks to the Godrej Interio Contest going on at

From the moment the news of my winning reached me I waited eagerly for the transformation to  materialize. Then finally the news came that the team from Godrej Interio would be visiting my place to do the transformation.
Finally the day came for the team to arrive. I was super excited as it is Diwali time and the time of the year when I do up my home. Getting insights from the team Godrej Interio as well as a transformation of my living room would make my Diwali extra special. Over a period of time the experts from Godrej Interio asked me my choice of colors and the kind of look and feel I would like to have for my room and based on my choices and preferences they arrived at a moodboard for my living room. Then started the wait for the actual transformation.

I waited for the team from Godrej Interio to arrive.
Even though there was still time for the team to arrive yet I felt so excited that every time the door bell rang I rushed to open the door!
Then at the appointed time the expert from Godrej Interio arrived.
                                                            Natalia from Godrej Interio

She discussed at length the process of transformation and all that would be involved in the transformation. 
To give my living room the look and feel that was desired first the walls needed to be done up.
Hence the process of painnting the walls started.

On one side the paint for the walls was being prepared
 Then the process of painting the walls started

Day 2
The team from Godrej Interio had  decided to give an Opulent plush decor to my space. Sounds interesting,Right but will they be able to complete all the work before Diwali? this was the thought on top of my mind
Where as the work on my living room continued.
The walls getting a final coat of paint.

The furniture began to arrive as per schedule

Everything was working at a fast pace. Another expert form Godrej Interio came to unbox and assemble the furniture.

In another development my moonda's or Puffe's are being upscaled with a fresh coat of paint

Day 3
Its Diwali Day :Outside the sun is beginning to rise but my room is witnessing dawn of another kind

The Paints have all dried up and my room awaits for the final leg of the transformation to be completed.
Soon the entire team from Godrej Interio began working to complete the work on my room

As the world outside is busy getting ready to celebrate Diwali in their homes. The team from Godrej Interio is busy decking up my living room.

So well within time for the evening Deepawali Pooja my living room is all decked up and ready to welcome Goddess lakshmi the bestower of wealth and Lord Ganpati the remover of obstacles and making new and auspicious beginnings

Godrej Interio transformed my living room and gave it a plush and luxurious new look.I am sure that the room that they have created would have abundance of good luck,wealth,prosperity flowing into my home and the Sun of good fortune would remain shining and never set for me and my family. After completing this wonderful transformation  the team from Godrej Interio left perhaps to touch and transform the lives and homes of someone else...

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