Monday 16 March 2015

If its about Food then it has to be Singapore Takeaway

The moment I stepped in to Singapore my senses were awakened by the variety of food ingredients available and being sold on the streets,and the markets.
The vegetables were so shiny and fresh that I wondered how wonderful would be the food made with them.(Singapore maintains very high standards of cleanliness and hygiene)

Then I saw and tasted some exotic fruits and vegetables for the first time

The sweet treats were no less tempting

I have nowhere seen so many types of food coexisting side by side. It was a delight. From people eating all sorts of ice creams on the streets and shops displaying mouth watering treats.

 It would only be fair to call the island nation of Singapore as an Oasis of flavors and tastes that are the best in the world. Even the motifs on the streets are a celebration of food.

"chestnuts being sold in Singapore I wondered Am I in Europe?"

 When I went to Singapore I had unlimited exposure to the food available. Initially I thought it safe to stick to Indian food alone however the choices and variety of food simply floored me. I must confess that I loved the Indian food in Singapore and I found it better then some of the best restaurants food that I have eaten in my own country i.e India. Even if you are someone who follows a strict food orientation then you would be surprised by the number of restaurants serving excellent quality of food. In fact I even tried Japanese, Chinese and other oriental cuisine and it was par excellence.
 Just as Singapore has a very cosmopolitan culture with people from all around the world so is the food. What ever the type of food that I tried, it agreed with my palate and made me feel so good. Food is decorated on shop shelves inviting you to come and eat it. 
Too many signboards inviting you to come and eat 

Can you resist this? I could Not ;-) It was so Yummy!

There is so much choice that I often thought are their more fish in the see or more types of food available in the various types of restaurants in Singapore.

 I felt that the open kitchen culture followed by a lot of restaurants where one can see the chef and his team put together the dishes adds a level of interactivity.
A restaurant kitchen where a glass wall separates the kitchen and the dining area and the diners get a view of the meals being prepared 

 As compared to places like Europe I found more variety of food and a lot more flavors. Food is available to suit every pocket and satisfy every kind of taste. Be it Continental or Asian,Indian,Korean,Chinese you name it and its available in Singapore.

So many places with a good view and a wonderful meal are readily available

I find that there are two kinds of people. Some eat to live and others live to eat. Singapore has food to cater to both these types of people

Singapore has food that is not just good to look at but delicious ,nutritious and hygienic

There is more variety in food available then you can possibly imagine

I felt I was in paradise :Good food & Good people made me think so.I guess my good karma had brought me here!

When good food happens then friend and family comes together and happy times begin. Do I need to say more?

If good food gives you a reason to live then this one is for you amigo!

With so much tasty food can you still afford to stay hungry?

Whoever said that the way to a person's heart is through his stomach had Singapore Takeaway in mind

Good food is always enjoyed with friends. Sharing a meal with a stranger turns him into a friend & sharing with a friend turns you into best friends.

All memes created by me and all the images used in the post were taken by me on my last trip to Singapore

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