Tuesday, 10 March 2015

My mantra to grow and relocate and StartANewLife

I loved my home. In fact it was the same house that my mother brought me to when I was born at a nearby city hospital. After all these years it had become like a well read favorite book for me that has bookmarks or markings at various pages. So was my home for me. It had a secret alcove for me at the terrace that I used to cover with a few loose bricks and I used to keep my tennis ball and marbles in it. On the rear exterior it had a mango tree that would be loaded with sweet mangoes every year in the summer months and even before the summer heat would begin the sweet singing of the koel atop this tree would indicate that the mango season was around the corner. On the trunk of this tree were markings of my height for it was a yearly ritual for me. On every birthday my father would measure my height and put a corresponding mark on the tree trunk. Looking at it I could proudly boast to my friends how much I had grown in the past year. Overall the house that we called our home was a self contained unit .Our home was our nest that protected us. It gave us shelter and this is also a place where my dreams and aspirations took root, they hatched and grew up and became ready to take wings enabling me to soar high and reach my goals. Just like when a fruit is ripe it bids adieu to the mother tree. So was the time of my life when I graduated out of college and got a good job offer in another city. I was faced with a dilemma should I look for a job in this city itself? I had my home here that not just provided comfort & protection but had also witnessed all the events and happenings from my birth to my first birthday. All my friends were all nearby. However a brighter future beckoned me in another city. I was in a predicament and sat under the same mango tree gazing at the rented house that I called home for so many years and I thought that my home has been like a mother to me and if it could speak then it would definitely say that I should not let my bond with my home become my weakness instead the sweet memories should be my source of strength and instead of binding me and pulling me down it would set me free to soar high and reach for the skies. So I took the bold step of moving and relocating to a new city and #StartANewLife. As a young adult it was my first independent and big life changing decision.So I packed my bags and was all se to relocate. Along with my belongings I also had a bag full of memories of all the time spent in my home and what I leave behind is the mango tree with all those markings that are witness to my growing up years,that sweet singing koel that sang  in her sweet voice and that secret alcove which I hope would be utilized by another young lad who comes and stays in the house that we called our home for so long.In the new city after a few years I have purchased a house and I have moved into my new house with my parents Now I call this new house my home it’s a property which I have bought with my own money and in its backyard I have planted a mango tree so that when I have children they too can put markings on it and however old they grow and fly away their home will always await their return.


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