Tuesday, 24 March 2015

Moto E The Smartphone that helps you become a SmartUser

The first’s in our life is definitely very important. Be it our first job, our first salary or our First Smart phone. The choice of our first smartphone can make or mar our image of smart phones. I say this from my personal experience. I have seen so many elderly people buy their first smart phones as feature filled expensive devices that are hard to operate as sometimes their hands shake so they are unable to dial the phone or are too intimidated by the complex navigation. Younger users who want feature rich phones find them a drain on the battery. Each smart phone user has a different  perception of a smartphone device based on his or her own experience. However with a Moto E all this is about to change.Smartphones can be intimidating and a new smartphone can give the first time user or even an experienced user a hard time trying to figure out its features. However with the Moto E all this is about to change. I am smitten by this feature rich yet easy to use phone. Just like when you fall in love, your love should become your strength and let you discover your partner day by day. So is this phone you can discover a new feature each day. I am so impressed by its features that I have made a list of 10 features that make me fall in love with this new smart phone that is here to make the users life easy  .Here are a list of ten things that makes me say" I do" to the new Moto E

#1 Big 4.5 inch HD display That makes the display very pleasing. Irrespective of the age of the user the bigger display makes the phone experience a lot more richer. Luckily I am young and with good eyesight However even had I been eighty I would have found the phone equally easy to operate and navigate the menus.

#2 4G LTE provides extra fast mobile internet  experience and Qualcomm Snapdragon Quad Core processor gives you control over the applications and the phone. So that no app can overwhelm my phone  instead my smart phone would be able to handle all the apps and multitasking like switching between apps without compromising on the speed or causing hanging of the phone.
#3 My Love story is not just in Black or White as the choice of colors. Instead I have the choice to customize  the phone and have a different colored phone everyday. Thanks to the six additional colorful bands not only do I get a colorful and trendy look but a firmer grip (thanks to the additional grip shells) and extra protection for the body of the phone. So it is suited even for those having butter fingers.

#4 Brilliant Picture quality due to the brilliant display and high quality picture taking because of the 5 megapixel rear camera and a front facing VGA camera for taking selfies.
#5 Open your camera by twisting your phone twice.The quick capture feature make it so easy to take a picture so no need to search for an icon or button to start the camera. So if the user is 4 or 40 ,8 or eighty , QuickCapture feature makes taking pictures so easy. Touch anywhere to take a shot. Its super easy to take portraits ,panoramas or record a video. By the single flick of the wrist the camera switches from rear to front end and you are ready to take selfies. Share your photos with just three taps.
#6 Front screen is clean and ready to be customized this way it does not intimidate a new user. For younger users it gives an opportunity to customize and load the apps that I want. For the older users who are often intimidated by too many apps and find it difficult to use apps. Instead they can add the apps as and when they need it. This way they would have a simple learning curve .

#7 Google voice search for controlling apps and searching over the internet. So no need to learn how to navigate the menus instead I can use voice search. I find this feature extremely useful for all age groups. For younger people it gives them the ability to multitask. For the elderly  people whose hands shake and have difficulty in navigating or dialing numbers on the touch screen this feature is a blessing. My grandparents who find smartphones confusing are going to love this feature. Even when a person is ill or in need of medical help just by saying Call doctor or hospital can connect him or her to medical assistance and can help save lives. So getting directions while driving is going to be super easy due to this feature. Sending emails or browsing the web is going to be very convenient.
8# The phone is reasonably priced so that anyone can buy it and get started on their first smartphone experience.
#9 I love Lolipop. Powered by the lollipop O.S it is super fast and supports all the latest apps.So I can install any app that I want on my phone. Each application opens and closes smoothly without hanging my phone.
#10. Its fast and will remain that way. The architecture of the phone and the software's are such that even after using for quite some time and even after loading a lot of applications on my phone my phone would continue to run as fast and smoothly as it did on day one. The battery life is wonderful and makes the phone last up to 24 hours on a single charge of battery.

My overall impression of “Moto E” is that its not just a smartphone targeted at the beginner bit a smartphone for everyone in the family. This is how I interpret the “E” in the Moto E
It is designed to connect you with friends,family and loved ones . It’s truly a smartphone that is feature rich and instead of flaunting them and overwhelming me it lets me discover and  learn to use them at my own pace.It gives me the freedom to customize my phone. It’s a smartphone that helps the user make smart uses of its features and helps turn the user from a novice to a smartuser.

All images taken from http://www.startwithmotoe.com/

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