Saturday, 14 March 2015

The magic of being together

Togetherness with family is a magic cure or a magical wand that does wonders against stress and helps us focus on the task at hand.As I say this my thoughts take me back in time when I was preparing for my entrance exams. As the exam date drew closer my preparations were gathering a feverish pitch. However an essential component of preparing for any exam is the stress that comes with it. Day by day it builds as the exam dates come closer. To a certain extent it is constructive and helps you to stretch yourself and focus on your studies. However if not released it exceeds the certain limit that you can handle and instead of it being constructive it begins to  take its toll. You begin to feel constantly tired and fatigued. Such was my condition and I found it hard to concentrate on my studies. It seemed as though all the hard work that I had done would go  waste. This was despite the fact that I had revised my course a couple of times and now I was feeling drained and tired, neither able to concentrate nor able to focus . My body and mind were feeling exhausted due to the rigor of the strenuous routine that I was following. However the worst part was going to be that all this work was going to go to bear no fruit as I had reached the stage when I was feeling fatigued and burnt out.  That too just a few days before my exams. However my immediate and extended family had other things in mind as they prepared to throw a surprise birthday party for me as my birthday was just a week before my exam dates. It is so ironic that at a time when my family was preparing to celebrate my birthday by throwing a surprise party .I was at that same time at a lowest point of my life, so frustrated that I could have done anything to get back my happy life and cheerful self. So on the appointed day my entire family got #together for what was going to be a party of a lifetime. It was not a conventional two to three hour affair where we get-together when one eats drinks and goes away but instead it was a whole day affair where all my cousins, uncles and aunts had got together. There was eating, singing, playing and merrymaking. Normally so close to the exams I would never have allowed such an extended celebration that too for the whole day. After the hectic and busy schedule all this togetherness with loved ones came as a breath of fresh air. I later discovered that my sister and parents had organized this surprise birthday party to cheer me up. Looking at my stressed out condition they had sought and discovered the perfect remedy that was to act as a complete stress buster. Needless to say I ended the day on a happy note, full of laughter, fun and thrills. All the joyous time spent with my family had recharged and rejuvenated me. I felt as if I have come back from a long and happy holiday.  With this renewed energy I could focus better on my studies and when I appeared for my exams they went very well and when the results came I found myself in the list of successful candidates. In the process of my academic studies I had not only acquired the skills to pass an exam but had also discovered the power of togetherness with family that helps you overcome stress and come out a winner however tough the challenge of life it may be.

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