Thursday, 14 May 2015

3 things that make myairtel app irresistible

I am a consumer of Airtel services and the moment I got to know about myairtel app my heart jumped with joy when I looked at the attractive features. Any Airtel  user be it Prepaid or Postpaid,mobile or DTH user can use this app by Airtel to manage his or her account .Any prepaid mobile phone would have experienced my predicament that is whenever we recharge our phone a part of the money goes away as tax and soon after we have recharged our phones then a new recharge offer comes along. Perhaps to save its loyal customers Airtel has come up with the myairtelapp that makes each recharge rewarding. So every time you recharge your Airtel connection there are a number of options or free offers to choose from ranging from getting  a free beverage to other offers, a user can take his or her pick and in the process not just get the best deal of a recharge but also get a free goodie to go with it. This goody or “Airtel Surprises” as it is better known as would entitle the user coupons from  a large range like shopping,food,wellness,entertainment etc and the brands for which a coupon can be taken are well known brands like PVR Cinemas,CafĂ© coffee Day,,,,,Archies,VLCC and many others.

The second most enticing feature is the fact that it lets me decide whats important for me and add it under the “I Want To” tab
For example for me bill payment is a priority so I can add “Bill Payment” under the category of “I want  to”
Apart from this some of the common task’s and categories that I can add to the “I want to ” tab are
Recharge : This segment lets me select the best recharge option according to my usage and requirements.
Buy Pack: At any point when I have to buy any pack than I need not go anywhere I can just select and execute the buy order for the pack from the App..
Record Program: Why miss your favorite program when you can record it from the app menu and view it with ease later at a more convenient time.
Order Games: Games are a great draw for a lot of users like me. Now I can place the order for a new game right from the app interface itself.
View Balance: No need to call customer care or dial the IVR helpline number to check the balance. From within this app , a user can find the balance of his device that is using an Airtel service.
Data Consumed:This app makes data usage viewing a very easy task.
Check recharge history: A recharge history is a very nice way to know the history of the last recharges. This way I can track the usage and perhaps also control it.

So far it proves to be a dream app for me now the next most important thing on my mind is the security of payments.Whenever I do online transactions I am concerned about my safety. This Airtel app lets me save my credit card information for making quick payments. I feel secure using this app while transacting with it as it uses PCI DSS certification . This gives me the confidence that my information is secure .The interface is very easy to understand and navigate. So one can easily use the app as there is very little learning involved.The bill tracking is in real time so I can track it with ease. The fact that I can customize the app and make it suit my needs is a plus that is bound to make it a favorite of a lot of people.

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