Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ek Nayi League with Kapil

The way the #EkNayiLeague is being talked about by Kapil Dev arouses our curiosity and makes me wonder as what this #EkNayiLeague is that Kapil Dev is talking of. The one thing that comes up foremost in our minds is that he is a great fan of Dev Sahab the evergreen hero of Bollywood. He was a star who did not believe in retirement and when Kapil Dev talks to him about his plans of retiring from cricket, Dev Sahab is most vehement in accepting retirement of a cricket star like Kapil Dev. This aspect shows that the #EkNayiLeague which Kapil Dev is talking about is about his interaction with famous film celebrities and their view on retirement from their respective fields of work.
Kapil Dev insists that this #EkNayiLeague has members who are not required to play from their heart. So most probably the members of this league are supposed to work with their mind instead of their dil. It seems to be quite a challenging opportunity.
Kapil Dev next talks about Tennis and the role of girls in pursuing these sports. So this new league also involves sports personalities especially girls who make a name for themselves and their country by coming in the top twenty. Thus this league also has members who are girls and who are excelling in the sports of Tennis.
Next in this #EkNayiLeague are the youth all the boys and girls who are keen sports enthusiasts and are actively pursuing a career in sports. Kapil Dev feels happy for them and is also proud of them.
Kapil Dev then speaks of his times when he used to play cricket. In those times cricket was just a sports and not a money churner for all those who participated in cricket matches. When traveling abroad Kapil Dev used to wonder as to how certain sports persons like Tiger Woods had amassed great wealth. But now things have changed and with the coming of IPL sports persons are being bought at amazing prices .Better the player greater is the price that he gets. Now our cricket league players are earning in crores.
Next in the line of the members of this #EkNayiLeague are the TV stars. Kapil Dev is shown conversing with Kapil Sharma the famous host of Comedy nights with Kapil. Kapil Sharma has earned name and fame with his famous show where he invites celebrities from different fields and walks of life. His interactions with them makes his show interesting and as Kapil Dev puts it many a times his questions pose a googly for them.
Kapil Dev invites Kapil Sharma to be a part of this #EkNayiLeague and see if he can face the googlies presented to him.
To sum up this #EkNayiLeague has various personalities ranging from film stars to cricket hot shots, the youth playing sports and the hosts of famous TV shows. Apparently this is what this #EkNayiLeague is all about. Kapil Dev asks us to follow him on his twitter handle to learn what this league is all about and of which the host is Kapil Dev.


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