Wednesday, 20 May 2015

TLC from my first expert

I am cooking a meal for a special Person who has been my go to person for all my needs.

 As it is a special meal, I am referring to my cooing notes which too I have taken down from this very special person .This very special person is none other than my mother. She is a life coach,best friend ,agony aunt ,and off course a Super Mom

Since she has been doing so much for me so perhaps I should add another of her favorite dish to the menu.

Though I seek advice from so many people but my mother’s advice  always hits the nail on the head.She has the habit of removing the chaff from the grain and reaching to the root of the problem. No issue or problem remains too big to tackle when she dissects it into small tangible pieces that can be handled with ease, such is my mother . So it’s not just day to day issues and life matters that I seek her advice on but she always has the most practical solutions for me always and every time.From her tips on how to score the maximum in a cricket match to winning in a game of marbles and handling life situations she will always be my first expert in what ever I do.
This calls for a toast and so let me add her favorite lemonade to this list.

You may say that how can one person have all the answers to all your needs? In my case that’s the way it has been for me. I have a mom who is sensitive, intelligent and has a cure for all my ills.

She is the person who had given me some very practical advice for my college project.   
And why just college even in school she used to be the person who helped me always with my homework and my studies.

The expert who taught me how to draw
My personal Expert who taught me how to hold a pencil

If and when I fell she was the one who came running to help me and wiped my tears

The one who taught me  how to stand up for the first time and held me so that I do not fall
She was my go to person even before I could speak who understood what I wanted by the way I cried as an infant.

My first expert who has been taking care of me even before I knew that I existed and was perhaps like a tiny spec in her womb.

 She is the one who celebrated my first heart beat within her and my first kick within her womb as if I am a Pele or a Beckham. She has helped me in learning how to swim like a dolphin and find my way and my goal in a world that is like a big sea  full of unknown dangers and big fish.How can I ever forget my life transforming moment when my hair got discolored due to a chemical reaction in the chemistry lab. I was simply devastated. Then my angel my first expert came to my rescue.She shared with me her secret which she had been using for several years. It was the hair color her most trusted Godrej brand that made her look youthful.I followed her advice and presto it was a perfect looking me that looked back at me from the mirror. Perhaps even if I cook a meal to celebrate every moment of her being with me and helping me unconditionally every moment of my life. It would end up being a big party that would salute and be a tribute to every moment my mother thought of me,cared for and gave me birth and life.Yet it would never be enough.

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