Wednesday, 13 May 2015

My vote my favorite ad

Looking at the range of ads present in the gallery over here : The first impression I get is the wide range of thoughts and creative styles used to interpret the brief. Indeed ours is a country of more then a billion people with different hopes aspirations and creative styles and the collection of videos are a reflection of this fact. A lot of work has been put together in each video ad entry. Looking from the freshness point of view and the diversity of thought I find this platform has opened floodgates of creativity. Each video entry is a winner in its own right.
Here are a few video entries that caught my attention.
The video “For all Emotions” has been uploaded by Kalai Selvan R. It captures a vignette of emotions and puts them together in a common thread of joy using Pepsi. It is an interesting take and interpretation of the brief

For every match there is a Pepsi is the tagline of Crash the Pepsi IPL "Match"
Uploaded by Godfrey Edge

It adds the romantic angle to its approach where a guy who is keen to impress a girl leaves a Pepsi outside her door everyday to woo her and finally they meet in a lift. It presents an interesting interpretation of the line “For every match there is a Pepsi”

I like the video uploaded by Pranav Bhasin and it is called Selective Hearing it is an interesting take and slightly quirky one on the subject of selective hearing. It shows the main protagonist who is manning a shop that sells Pepsi and other articles. When a customer approaches the protagonist and asks him for water he simply does not hear him. However  when another person approaches him and wants a Pepsi he is able to hear him well and he gives him the Pepsi gladly. Here is a link to Pranav Bhasin’s video

The video titles “Buddies” is a video made and submitted by Muni Agarwal. It shows the camaraderie of friends .However a points comes when two of the friends blindfold their third friend who is a girl. As they play a game of hide and seek the friends open can’s of coke and they enjoy it. Here is the video link of Muni Agarwal

The video ad which I like the best and would like to vote for is Desire which is a video created by Arun Chikkop and it uses a backdrop of yoga and meditation to emphasize the fact that the time to drink a Pepsi is Abhi . The ad though reminds me of a similar concept that has been around yet it is well executed and is an interesting  video. Here is the link to Arun Chikkop’s video entry that can be viewed in the gallery.

“I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”

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