Sunday, 21 June 2015

Ambipur the official bad odour buster around my home

It is said Home is where the heart is. So when one returns home after a long day at work or after a game of tennis or that jog.we carry in our sweaty clothes and socks. Clothes that smell of sweat and the smell of socks that have battled the wear and tear of the feet pushing around the shoes have a story of their own. The moment I enter the home generally I am greeted by the sound of the pressure cooker whistling away merrily announcing that the food is almost ready. The other aroma that is so strongly prevalent is the smell of onion and garlic. It’s said that garlic is used to ward off ghosts however in the case of my household it is so lavishly used that even long after its consumption its smell persists and perhaps hides in all sorts of places be it the curtains, the upholstery and every nook and corner. The embarrassing part is whenever we have guests over and we have made sure that there are no bad odors around the house. Then suddenly a whiff of air would come from nowhere carrying with it the smell of garlic and turmeric that was lavishly splurged in the pan and left to fry only a few hours back or perhaps the night before. If not this then the smell of dirty clothes waiting to be washed make its way escaping the dirty clothes bin and finds its way to the drawing room specially when guests are sitting and appreciating how well and tastefully I have decorated my interiors.
The harrowing part of the tale is that more often than not those dirty socks that I had left in the drawing room make their presence felt even much after they have been removed from the place they were left. I have heard and since my college days used the term sweeping under the carpet very effectively when it comes to hiding dirty unwashed ,clothes, socks or smelly shoes. However one thing that I have not been able to master is the fact that  even after the evidence is removed the lingering smell makes its presence felt very unceremoniously specially when you least expect or want it to make an appearance. So to encounter the ghost of bad smell I had to don the role of the bad smell exorcist and to perform this task I take the help of Ambi pur. The best part is the task of removing and overcoming bad odor at home consists of 2 parts one identify a fragrance of Ambi pur that you want to use and secondly just spray it around your home and the bad odors are taken care of by the magic formula of Ambi pur that not only removes and banishes bad smells from my home but also makes it smelling clean and fresh.
 “I am blogging for #SmellyToSmiley activity at in association with Ambi Pur

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