Sunday, 14 June 2015

Being energized with Maxfresh spark

Freshness is the fuel of life there cannot be a truer statement than this. When the world became very mundane and boring Lord Shiva devised a dance ritual called Tandav .Not that it was a fun dance but yet this dance and accompaniment of music by virtue of his Damru was needed to infuse a new life into his creation. This dance accompanied with the sound of his damru became the source of a new genesis after clearing out the space for new and exciting.
I am no lord Shiva but an ordinary mortal who craves to break out of the ordinary and repetitive mundane routine life so that I may get recharged to take on the life's challenges. Take for instance the case of today’s afternoon. When the whole world was lazing indoors away from the scorching June sun which was beating down with no mercy. I was sitting at the bus stop waiting for the bus to arrive that was taking its own sweet time to come. 
When the bus did finally arrive it did prove me wrong that the whole world was lazing at home as it was crowed with no vacant seats available. My evaporating sweat was the only source of cooling and respite  in what appeared to be a hot tin box. As I held on to the overhead rod adjusting my position for a better hold on the metal bar that had become very slippery due to my sweat and those of so many other commuters who might have been standing in my place before me. Just than the mobile phone of the guy standing next to me rang I realized that I was not the only one stuck in the rut of life but the passengers of the bus despite being of different ages were going through the same rut of their lives. The ring tone was set to a popular song sung by none other than my favorite singer Anushka Manchnda and the song was Tu Sala Kam se Gaya. The high energy song had a transforming effect on me, for  a moment I forgot my fatigue, the heat the grind and I was transformed to a state of gay abandon guided by the high energy notes delivered by Anushka Manchanda. 
I was not the only one in this celebration. A small infant who was incessantly crying due to the irritability created by the over crowded bus and the heat became quiet in his mothers arms and instead started jumping as if he is dancing to the beat of the song. As the ringing of the phone stopped I began to think if  such a minor interlude can provide us such a great respite to me and the other passengers than think of the consequences if Anushka Manchanda would be performing live in the bus. I feel the feeling would be even greater if the bus would be a double decker one with an open rooftop the kind that is used for city sight seeing. Of course we could have umbrellas and the AC running at full blast or better still small water sprinklers spraying scented water and of course me and my friends riding the bus as it moved around the city with Anushka Manchanda belting outher hit numbers one after the other. 
The perfect match to this high energy performance of hers would be a Dance led by Allu Arjun. If he could lead me and my friends into a dance routine inspired by the high energy singing of Anushka Manchanda .Then it would create a lot of positive energy that we all crave for. As we move around the city this fresh approach of spreading joy through a dance and song routine would be like a stream of energy flowing through the city and carrying and spreading with it the joy and fuel of life to enjoy for one and all.This was my
#MaxFreshMoveto refuel and recharge my life.
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