Friday, 21 August 2015

Airtel 4G Better then Buy 1 Get one

We often get offers like when you buy one soap you get a match box free or when you buy a toothpaste you get a toothbrush free but how many times have you got an offer when you pay for a smaller product and get a bigger product or service in its price. That's exactly what Airtel is offering to its subscribers .Airtel 3G subscribers can use and browse the internet at 4G speeds. Its just like paying for a cycle ride and getting to ride a Ferrari. However unbelievable may it sound yet it is true. This offer is not just for bigger cities and metros like Delhi but is applicable in 296 cities across the country in which Airtel is offering its 4G services. To use the Airtel 4G services with your 4G compatible service you need to have an Airtel 4G SIM to use the Airtel's 4G. To enhance the use and ease the process of making the 4G connections available to more and more people Airtel is offering a free 4G SIM . People desirous of getting there free SIM delivered to their addresses are required to send a tweet #GetAirtel4G . Getting on to the an speed Airtel 4G experience is easy and uncomplicated. Usually whenever a faster and improved service is introduced the cost is passed on to the consumer but this is one of the fewer instances where a 4G service that is faster and better is being offered in the price of a 3G service making it the best part of this offer.With a 4G service around all the users of the service can expect a lightning fast browsing and downloading experience. The cloud based
downloads,uploads and the apps that use a lot of data are going to work faster as the download and upload times would be greatly reduced. A plethora of services like video calling ,watching streaming videos, live broadcasts of sports like Olympics,Asian games and cricket matches can be viewed in real time as events. For people who telecommute the work experience would be richer and more rewarding as they can anytime connect with, clients and colleagues using the faster and more efficient 4G services. I find the roll out of the Airtel's 4G services in 296 cities a precursor to the 4G services being present in the entire country. So even when one is touring or students who are staying away from parents and their family would have the great opportunity to interact with anyone in real time through video calls and conferencing. I believe that these faster 4G services from Airtel could also be used to provide essential services like health care services to the remotest part of the country via Tele medicine with Airtel 4G forming the back of the communication network. If properly utilized the 4G services can help create the infrastructure of a digital India where even the remotest corner of the country can utilize the fast speed of the 4G Airtel network to provide school education and professional training which would be at par with the best institutions of the country.

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