Thursday, 20 August 2015

Asus Zenfest 2015 a Photo tour through the eyes of my camera

I recently got an invite to the exclusive superpass invite to the Zenfest 2015 held at Delhi

Stepping inside I found myself standing face to face with SRK and Salman Khan. I realized that they were bollywood celebrity lookalikes and visitors were happily getting themselves clicked with these celebrity lookalikes

Zen fans  were getting tattoos made

The entire premises was full of zen fans who were there to have some serious fun.

So when the fun started it was the begining of a breattaking performances by a combination of drummers and acrobats.

chairman, Jonney Shih addressed the fans and took the festival forward

A breathtakingly spectacular performance by drummers who at times performed suspended in air yet they never missed a beat or lost the rhythm.It was like a bollywood  dream sequence unfolding on to the stage.
Then the ASUS team started highlighting the features of the ASUS Zenfones.

With a 64 bit Intel ATOM processor powering the zen phone you are assured of a performance that can be rivaled by few.

In between the host Cyrus Sahukar kept the audience entertained with his one liners and quick witted jokes.

 ASUS Zenfone was celebrating the zenfestival to acknowledge the love, loyalty and faith shown by its fans around the world.

In India itself ASUS zenfone has sold over 1.5 million handsets since its launch.
One by one the ASUS zenfones were brought on the stage and their features were highlighted.

Zenfone 2 deluxe that has a very elegant exterior finish due to merger of technology and aesthetic design was showcased.

ASUS shared with its fans the details of the technology that goes into crafting the phones exterior.

Team ASUS shared with its fans the benefits that they would be able to reap with the zenfone 2 having 4 GB of RAM. This would mean that not only would they be able to open and switch between multiple apps at the same time but they would also be able to do everything faster.

ASUS zenfone has been designed to give the maximum viewing experience so it strives to maximize its screen to body ratio with its evety model.

The ASUS zenfone team elaborated and highlighted of its various models and also shared the pricing for its various models

The ASUS zenfone team also showcased the various useful apps that would be present on their phones.

They showed the very useful beautification app that can apply makeup to your images and instantly make you look beautiful in your images.

Just then the vivacious and beautiful Sonakshi Sinha stepped onto the stage.

As the first proud owner of the zenfone selfie she helped us understand the features of this phone that is designed to take selfies.

Then they unveiled the features of the ASUS ZenPad7.0 and its pricing in India.

Whatever zenfone you may choose what remains common to all the zenfone models is the easy to use and navigate ZenUI.

As they highlighted the features and utility of the ZenCircle I was eagerly waiting for Zenny the mascot.

Finally Zenny arrived on to the stage dancing.
Then Zenny answered questions sent in by its fans.
All in all it was a fun filled informative festival that all Zen fans would have enjoyed.

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