Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Pasta Goes Green

Every one loves pasta and for this recipe of mine I have used Chifferi Rigati.from Delmonte. I used this pack as it uses Darum wheat and this makes the past not just healthy but also easy and fast to prepare .

Since this recipe  "Pasta Goes Green" is aimed to make a healthy dish I have added fresh sprouts that are a rich source of proteins and vitamins.

 I have also used fresh cream tofu as I want to make sure the women in my house specially my mom gets a good amount of calcium supplement in the diet.
All women should take care that they get plenty of calcium so that they do not suffer from calcium deficiency and related complications like Osteoporosis and weak bones as their age advances.

Pasta 200g
Sprouted Whole green Pulse 50 g
Boiled corn 50g
1 small boiled Potato pealed and diced
Cream tofu 50g-Diced
Olive oil for cooking
Garlic 2 cloves
Cumin Seeds 1 tsp
Basil Leaves
Onion chopped and diced
For the sauce
Pumpkin 200 g
1 small boiled and grated potato
1 medium sized onion grated
cumin seeds
Parmesan cheese 75 g grated for garnishing

Boil the Pasta in a boiling pan and add a little salt to it. I let it boil t till it was oridante

Remove the pasta from the flame and strain the excess water. Keep this water separately.

Boil the corn and the potatoes (I usually wash to potatoes properly then boil the corn and the potatoes together)

For the Sauce grate the red pumpkin and the potatoes.
 Grated Pumpkins

Grated Onion

In a cooking pan take 2 tsp olive oil and let it heat. Add ¼ tea spoon of cumin seeds to this heated oil and once they begin to splatter add the grated onion. Then add the diced pumpkin. Add salt and let it cook. This will form the sauce for our dish. Once ready turn off the heat . one can add the water used to boil the pasta that we had kept aside to make the sauce. I sometimes add julienned ginger
 and chili flakes to this sauce. I have purposely used pumpkin in this recipe as I want to emphasize the importance of it s taste and the health benefits of this vegetable.
 Cooked Pumpkin

Once cooked take it off the heat and once cool enough Use a hand blender to blend this sauce when it cools down a bit. Keep it a little coarse in texture.

Ready Pumpkin Sauce

In a cooking dish add olive oil and once heated add the grated tomato and let it cook

once cooked add salt and mix then added all the ingredients and mix well.

I add the chopped onions as I like them crunchy. If one likes them cooked and soft then one can add them to the oil before adding the tomatoes.
I usually add the tofu cubes last as it is soft and can crumble due to tossing and stirring.
 Once everything is mixed and cooked add the oregano and mix well.
For the plating
I  spread the pumpkin sauce in a round circle on the  plate and in the middle added the pasta .I     
garnished it with grated cheese and basil leaves. I had save some tofu that added to the plate.

Hot and healthy pasta is ready to be eaten.

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