Thursday, 20 August 2015

My Home the nest for my Dreams,Hopes and Aspirations

I have always believed that a home is not built just with brick and mortar but it has to be built with the bricks of my aspirations and decorated with the fabric of my desire. It needs to reflect my style and be really distinct just like the Earl Grant Song Number fifty-four,

The house with the bamboo door,
Bamboo roof and bamboo walls,
They've even got a bamboo floor!
I want my home to be the talk of the town

Since I live a fast paced life, I want my house to be my perfect place to relax and unwind. It should be equipped with the most modern amenities yet the design elements should be ergonomic and eco friendly. Even though I live in a metropolitan city in the middle of a concrete jungle yet I would love it if I could have a small waterfall or a fountain within my home so that I could look at it and instantly feel connected to nature. I am sure the sight of water flowing down from a waterfall or a fountain would be a very soothing experience for the sore eyes which get tired after constantly staring at the laptop.
I always wanted a home from where I can watch the sun rise and sunset and see the birds chirping as they sit swinging on the branches and the trees tops. However living in an apartment surrounded by high rise buildings it remains an elusive dream that can only be fulfilled if someone could design the interiors in such a way and use such a time controlled mood lighting that it could create feel of a sunrise and a sunset withing the home. It would also be great if the various rooms of the home can be designed to give me a feel of the various seasons. I find the sound of chimes and bells very fascinating. So strategically placed wind chimes and bells would add to the d├ęcor. It would be even so wonderful if I could wake up to the sound of conch es and bells like the sound that comes out of the temples in Banaras and in the evening around tea time it would be nice to hear the sound of church bells like the once I get to hear in churches in Switzerland and Austria as the sounds come piercing through the pristine clean air and welcome you to a beautiful landscape. I would love my home to be have automated temperature control and ventilation and at the same time have adequate seating and lighting arrangements so that I may sit in any part of the home and do my work.
Since I am so inspired by all those Bollywood movies that I have seen I yearn for a home with I garden and when I experience the sweet fragrance of the flowers emanating from them and spreading freshness and cheer into the lives of every member of my family I am sure the song that would be playing in the background would be (the song from the Hindi movie Baseraa)

kabhi paas baitho kisi phul ke paas
suno jab mehakta hai bahut kuch kahta hai
o kabhi gunguna ke kabhi muskura ke
kabhi gunguna ke kabhi muskura ke
kabhi chupke chupke kabhi khilkhila ke
jaha pe sawera ho basera wahi hai …

Since my home is not a concrete structure but a nest where my hopes and aspirations live I want it to be elegant,chick and vibrant because after all

na mitti na gara na sona sajana
na mitti na gara na sona sajana
jaha pyar dekho wahi ghar banana
ye dil ki imarat banti hai dil se
dilaso ko chhuke ummido se milke
jaha pe sawera ho
jaha pe basera ho sawera wahi hai
My home is the place where I can relax and unwind after a hard days work. Its ambiance should be such that I should forget my worries caused due to the work related stress. For me my home is the place where my loved ones gather together. My living room has always been the focal point of all my activities. Each wall of my home is always throbbing and pulsating with life. Each nook and corner has a memory associated with it. I love to entertain as I am a party person so my living room should have ample seating arrangement for my guests. The seating arrangement should be a combination of soft cushioned sofas and recliners. Most importantly I would love to have a full wall sized TV screen so that I can enjoy either alone or with my loved ones my favorite channels as well as the latest Bollywood and Hollywood movies. As I stay in a upscale posh locality my living room should exude charm and grace and I want it to be the most prized place of my home. My Heart is where my home is. In essence my home reflects my personality and what I am. We are not two different things but one identity.
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  1. Congrats Alok.. Now your home will have to be concrete ..for it to have a room done with Godrej interio...