Saturday, 11 July 2015

An open letter of a parent to Dabur Baby Massage Oil

Dear Team Dabur(The Makers of Dabur Baby Massage Oil),
                                 I am a proud parent of a little baby. I take  utmost care in looking after my little one. It is a sight to behold when my little baby kicks around lying in the cradle. 
Since I as a parent, want to ensure that I do everything possible in my capacity as a parent to do whatever is best for the baby's growth ,well being and health. I have been providing my baby with the best possible nutrition. However over time I have noticed that my baby’s skin is not as gentle ,shiny and glowing any more .This had made me very worried. Then my mother's wisdom came in handy who suggested that I should use  Dabur Baby Massage Oil for my  little one for bringing back that soft supple skin once more.

 Initially I was apprehensive about using any product on my baby’s skin which was not home made as I feared the it  may not harm the baby. However when I came to know that your Product Dabur Baby Massage Oil is free from any harmful ingredients that may harm the skin or health of my little one, I was greatly relied.

 I thank you for making a baby’s product that is free from artificial colors , paraffins and parabens .

I find it to be a very useful product that I use for the head to toe massage of the baby. My baby also seems to enjoy the massage with the Dabur Baby Massage oil as it playfully pulls at the pack of the Dabur Baby Massage Oil and uses it as a favourite playmate it is a sight to gladden my heart.

 The responsibilities of a parent towards the welfare of the baby is a 24 X 7 job. The fact that Dabur baby Massage Oil performs the dual role of a moisturizer and a massage oil gives me great satisfaction. 
I thank you for incorporating premium oils like Almond oil that is gentle on the baby skin and it moisturizes the skin of the little one and makes it soft and supple.On the other part the premium Olive oil used in Dabur Baby Massage oil provides nourishment.
With the assurance of Dabur quality I can rest assured that the product is suitable for the child’s skin and would help him grow faster, stronger and healthier.Knowing the fact that the product has been dermatologically tested comes as a double assurance to me that it would not harm the baby’s skin in any way.
So every time I massage the baby with the Dabur Baby Massage Oil, The baby plays along with the pack and enjoys the soothing massage.I behold the sight of my baby  being pampered in its own  personal spa and then dozing off to sleep after a relaxing head to toe massage.
All my worries have been taken care off by knowing the fact that it is getting stronger , healthier and growing up fast to face the world. It comes to me as a great assurance that I am providing for my little one the best possible massage therapy.

Thank you
A Caring Parent

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