Sunday, 5 July 2015

discovering the easy steps of cleaing my home

I have a hectic work schedule that leaves me with very little time for myself. Over the weekend I attend to my weekly chores like shopping for groceries and paying bills etc this leaves me with very little time for cleaning my home. Let me tell you a bit more about my place which is a single persons home and thus gets very less attention when it comes to cleaning. As I am out of the house throughout the day it becomes very difficult to monitor the maid who comes to clean in my absence. Yet I do desire to live in a clean house and my search for implementing a cleanliness regime to make and maintain a clean home led me to
I was fascinated by the simplicity of the tips and decided to give it a try.
Firstly the idea of getting together with friends to collectively clean the premises is great and to implement it me and my two other friends decided to have a spring cleaning spree from my home itself. I call it a spring cleaning spree because my home was in a dire need of cleaning and a campaign no less then the swatch Bharat abhiyan was needed to make it clean and tidy. However knowing my friends well I decided to keep the drinks menus limited to soft drinks, lemonade and aam ras . Had I included any hard drinks we would have partied hard with very little cleaning done or have further added to the mess.
We guys had a blast cleaning to the tune of old Kishore kumar, Manna Dey  and Md Rafi hits. Then when we were getting a bit tired I switched the tracks to Elvis Presley’s hit numbers and soon me and my gang was dancing and singing to hits like jail house rock as we cleaned and dusted the house.
However cleaning and dusting was not all that needed to be done. I had lots of old clothes and stuff that I am never going to use . Taking a cue from the article
I tossed the old clothes in the washing machine and once they were dry and clean we packed all the stuff in separate boxes so that I could drop it at an old age home nearby.

After finishing the cleaning when we looked around the house looked tidy and livable once again. So we decided upon a schedule to organize such house cleaning parties by rotation at each of our homes. With cleaning taken care of we decided to go for a long drive and after that we treated ourselves to a movie and a dinner. I must say that what appeared as an uphill task had been made quite enjoyable and rewarding due to the tips present here

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