Sunday, 19 July 2015

My Child My best Buddy

When a child is born we look after it and tend to it. As the baby grows we help it in learning new skills and acquiring knowledge in the hope that these skills would help the child in preparation to face the world.
However in this process of growing up both for the child and us as an adult there are many occasions when the roles get reversed. These role reversals not only help us learn some valuable skills from our young ones but also help us bond with our young ones these become very cherished moments. These are the moments when the child and you are like buddies and stand for each other, sharing knowledge and experience and helping each other grow better.

As a busy working professional I try to use technology to help me keep pace with the changing times it helps me keep a balance between the breakneck speed of work and personal life. I feel the need to keep updating my self with the latest information technology products be it laptops or mobile devices like smart phones and tablets.The realty of changing technology is that it changes at such a fast pace that keeping track of it ,adapting to it and learning it becomes a challenge if you are not very technologically inclined. I discovered this when I upgraded my smart phone to a new one with loads of new apps that were all new to me. I was able to make do with the basic ones and was limited to use the device more for calling and receiving calls .There was little time or energy left in me as most of my work time was being used up in coordinating with the sales team that was scattered all over the country.
On one typical weekend when I was supposed to be with my family ,my work pressures forced me to use up my family time to juggle my job of sales team coordination. No one likes to keep working on a weekend as it is supposed to be the time of the week when one spends quality time with family and kids and I was no exception. As I was juggling between multiple calls trying to communicate between the various team members I sensed someone standing behind me upon turning around I felt my ten year old son standing there. I thought he had come to remind me about the outing that we had planned for the weekend . I did not have the heart to tell him that I was finding it hard to take them this time too because of the fact that I was trying to full fill this promise of mine for several weeks not but with little success.
It came to me as a great surprise that instead of reminding me about our excursion he offered to help me in my office work. I was both surprised and amused that how would a ten year old help me in my office work. Yet he had a very effective solution that I was to discover in a few minutes time.
We took my smartphone and opened messenger app on my mobile device and he accessed my address book and showed me how to create a group so that I could add all the members of my team in one group and send a single message to each one of them in one go. This helped me in co-ordinating how I communicate with my team.
Group messaging is a very useful utility that is available these days. It helped me save many hours of my time. I utilized the time to take my family for a picnic. There I taught my son how to fly a kite and in a few hours he was flying the kite much better that I could. We sat by the hill watching the Sun go down and in the evening my Son taught me how to use many more apps. It was a day well spent in which I had discovered a new side of my children and Yes I had also discovered the new tech guru of my household in the form of my Son.


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