Tuesday, 7 July 2015

My maxfresh Playlist

I love Songs that are high energy and give an opportunity to shake a leg.Here is a list of ten songs in my playlist  that give you a compelling reason to sing and dance along and live a maxfresh moment.
#10 Iski Uski  song from the movie 2 states captures the mad energy of a wedding and gives a very peppy song to dance on. The lyrics are very very unconventional to say the least yet the song is high energy ,very refreshing and a lot of fun both in terms of dancing and singing or I must say trying to sing .It finds a place in my playlist for the fun factor and refreshing feel associated with it

#9Dance Basanti  from  Ungli staring  Emraan Hashmi and  Shraddha Kapoor is a very fascinating song .I frankly never thought that such a pairing could be possible but when I saw the song I could not help appreciate the freshness of the song and the dance moves to go with it

#8  The Banno Song from Tanu weds Manu Returns seems to have caught on the imagination of the nation at this point in time. Which ever music  channel you switch on the TV its being played out. Even surfing the FM stations I find this song being repeated so many times. Not that I am complaining. It would be difficult to say why I like it perhaps it has the appeal of folk music associated with it or is it the feel of festivity of a marriage celebration associated with it but it surely makes it to my playlist of songs

#7 The song Second Hand Jawani from the movie Cockail is a all time favorite of mine . I find the  music so addictive and compelling to like even though it is a song that talks about second hand Jaawani. Please don't ask who's second hand jawani is being referred to I just know that I love the song. The song become even more interesting when it plays in the closing titles with the dialogs being played along with the song .It becomes even more hilarious ,funny and enjoyable.

 #6 Tumhi Ho Bandhu song from the movie Cocktail featuring. Saif Ali Khan, Deepika Padukone & Diana Penty had lyrics that were easy to understand and very easy to follow and simple steps that became a rage in the party circuits. It has foot tapping music and causes one to just get up and start dancing

 #5 The Kajrare  Kajrate song from Bunty Aur Babli  became a rage overnight and no baraat reached its destination without the barati's from the groom side and everyone at the sangeet dancing to this song. It also was a must play song at the discos and got requests for once more even after several repeats

#4 The Chittiyaan Kalaiyaan song from the movie Roy never fails to amaze me I don't know if its due to the never seen before avatar of Jacqueline Fernandez  lip syncing so beautifully to the Punjabi song that it is almost difficult to relate to the fact that she is a Sri Lankan actress who speaks hindi with an accent or The soulful singing of  Kanika Kapoor that the song keeps repeating itself in the mind and the imagery does not fade .

# 3 It has to be balam Pichkari for I have rarely seen people dance with gay abandon on a song. Even though it is a Holi song yet it gives you plenty of reason to go with the flow and start singing and dancing along

# 2 The baby doll Song took the nation by storm I realized this when I found this song to be a must on
every birthday party playlist and so children as young as 2,3 and 4 dancing to the tune of the song and trying to sing along with the song.

#1 The New maxfresh song by Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun packs some bindaas moves and is bound to be a rage with the masses

The song and dance sequence is full of maxfresh energy and very refreshing indeed
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