Saturday, 11 July 2015

Regular Massage for a Healthy Happy Healthy Baby

Is there anyone in this world who does not believe in love at first sight? I say it exists. The moment you see your baby for the first time, the emotion it generates is Love at first sight and it is an emotion so pure that it transforms your life for good .
From the moment our baby comes into this world the life of any caring parent begins to revolve around the wellbeing of the little one. It is so amazing how a little baby kindles a range of emotions in us. A sea of emotions sweep us that stimulate and motivate us to act and work with the aim of making our little one more healthy and help him or her grow stronger.
  Each day the growing up little one shows a new move a , that shake of the head ,that glint in the eye and the mesmerizing smile while growing up a little bit more every day. When we cuddle the little baby he or she snuggles closer and the touch of the baby's gentle skin is so divine and pure. However the environment around us is harsh and acts adversely on our baby’s skin. We want to ensure that the gentle, supple skin of the baby is always protected and remains like this only and so begins our search for a moisturizer for our little bundle of joy. A pearl of wisdom passed on from the grandmothers and mothers to us is the emphasis of an oil massage for the healthy growth of the baby.

In earlier times all these massage oils and moisturizers for the baby were made at home by the mothers and grandmothers. Perhaps this knowledge has been tapped by Dabur into creating a Baby care product "Dabur Baby Massage Oil" that is used for massaging the baby.

It plays a dual as it not only moisturizes the skin if the baby making it soft and supple but it also provides nourishment and strength to the bones and muscles. As our grandmothers were aware of the importance and usefulness of almond oil for nourishing the skin and keeping it moisturized and they also recommended the use of olive oil to be used for massaging the baby ad helping the baby grow faster and stronger.

This wisdom was passed on from generation to generation. Dabur has brought these two oils together to form Dabur Baby Massage Oil ,a product that plays the dual role of moisturizing as well as acting as the massage oil of choice for the baby that strengthens the muscles and the bones. The biggest advantage of this oil is that it has been tested by dermatologists and does not contain any artificial colors,  paraffin’s and parabens.

No Paraffin's

It is a baby product and so its packaging is shaped and designed to keep your little one engrossed while you give your child the much needed massage.

With the knowledge and experience that Dabur Baby Massage Oil is the best product to massage the little baby and watching  it grow is sheer delight.

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