Wednesday, 8 July 2015

UC Browser the must have browser on every mobile

Now that I have the UC  Browser for the web on my mobile phone with the  UC Cricket. feature my life has changed. However before I installed it on my phone  I would have described my life as this...
As a fan of the game of cricket I breathe, eat and drink cricket it is the focal point of my life and thus I make it a point to be in the know of things. With so many matches and tournaments happening throughout the calendar year it is a matter of sheer delight. As so much of cricket is around us and with so much of good   opportunity to follow and enjoy the game so is the challenge to get time out to follow these games. When I started getting cricket updates on the mobile I felt that it was a great way to remain connected. But soon I realized that surfing for information or getting cricket updates on the mobile is no mean task. One of the reasons is that mobile browsers are slow and take a lot of buffering time. Even there is a lag time for the information to appear on the mobile screen in the browser . This is very frustrating for any cricket lover. I even switched my browsing package from 2G to 3G yet the browser performance was not up to the mark. Luckily for me I came across the UC Browser for the phone. It is a god sent opportunity for cricket fans like me. As they help me search and surf all the cricket information very fast. The never ending buffering of information has become a thing of the past with the new UC web browser. The best part is that it has a UC Cricket feature which helps me get all the cricket related information and the match details very fast. The beauty is that I get ti enjoy the ball by ball detail almost instantly without any delay and this makes the UC Web browser such a cool and important part of any cricketers life. The UC Browser for the internet browsing is designed for the cricket loving youth of the country so the interface is sleek,loads fast and easy to use.Even when you are constantly on the go and balancing a fast paced life. So be it the office or home,classroom or boardroom wherever you seek cricket related information about any match the UC Browser displays it to you in a jiffy. Having personally used it I find that it loads even the images and videos very fast.The never ending buffering of the media has become a thing of the past. So be it cricket or Bollywood or any other information using the UC Browser I pull it up that much faster. The best part is that while I am doing this surfing information seeking at a much faster rate my internet bills are much lesser as the UC Browser is designed to optimize the web surfing experience.
So be it rain
Be it Sunshine
So UC Web Browser is every Cricket Lovers True Companion
It’s Free
It’s yours and It’s mine


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