Saturday, 20 February 2016

Fun Things I would do in Delhi if I had a Car

There are a number of fun things to do in Delhi and having a car makes them more convenient and fun.
Drive up to India Gate early in the morning and walk on the wet grass and better still do some jogging. The fun is as much in doing these activities as it is in approaching the India gate area. If you have the windows rolled down which you should in the early hours of the morning and feel the cool breeze caress your face as you inhale the freshness of the air due to all the green trees around.

Drive up to the Palam flyover and do some plane spotting. The planes fly really low and you get a good view of the plane but be cautious as you are on a flyover with lots of traffic around. If you want to stop and see them then please do not stop and park on the flyover instead take the flyover exit taking you towards Dwarka. Just as you take the right turn from the red light there is is place where you would find people standing and watching planes land.

Traffic Jams are perpetual in any metro city so instead of cribbing carry your music around. Just plug it in from your USB or directly play media to the car's console via Bluetooth. So do not crib about the traffic. Let the peppy music play unwind and relax and get ready for the light to turn green or the road to get cleared for you to move ahead.

Drive along the Delhi Surajkund Road that takes you towards the Surajkand Mela. This is that part of the year when the winters are on a decline. Surajkund is decorated by a myriad hues of colors and you see people in different colored attires. So in this part of the year the Journey from a little ahead of Tara Appartments gets epic and memorable when the crowds begins to thin and you leave the madding crowds far behind, roll down or roll up the windows as the occasion may be and play some nice peppy music. Cruise along the road that is smooth and navigation is easy even though you get the feel of being on a hill road. The drive is enjoyable and relaxing and a fantastico experience..

If you have nothing much to do then you can drive up to a large number of malls that are in Delhi. If you are in the summer months then this is also what people like to do to escape the heat. Window shopping,killing time or catching up with friends. The malls have replaced the nukkads or the street meeting points of friends. If you are the kind who is ready to spend some money then invariably there is one sale or the other going on. When ever you get hungry the food courts which are invariably located at the top floor do offer a sumptuous spread.

Drive up to Delhi Haat opposite INA market and go through the colorful handicrafts on display. Invariably there are some cultural events or the other lined up for the day which gives you the opportunity to glimpse into the cultural diversity of our Nation
If you want you can buy a snack, sip some fruit beer or just laze around sitting under the shade and enjoy the colorful open spaces

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