Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Why having a car is better then having a girlfriend

Recently a good friend of mine had a fight with his girlfriend after a heated argument about something. I thought that it would be the usual boyfriend girlfriend argument but he seemed irritated and perhaps out of frustration he said I think its better to invest your time in a car then having a girlfriend? I frankly saw no correlation between the two as to how one could substitute the other so I asked him what he meant.
His argument went like this.

The car does not demand that I take her shopping. Neither does it want me to hold shopping bags.
My girlfriends does like it a lot when I take her shopping and she insists that I accompany her on shopping sprees. Where as my car remains happy with the 3 monthly service I get her. (When he referred to his car as her I thought oh boy ! This guys is seriously weighing the relationship options)
If I miss a service at most it would give a slight creaky sound if we are in the rainy season or a little screechy sound due to the dry fan belt stretching itself due to the June heat. I can take it for a service get it a car wash and its sparkling as new.

Unlike my girl my car does not fight with me if I admiringly look at other cars or girls for that matter.
However even if I dared glance at another girl in the presence of my girlfriend then all hell breaks loose.
My car lets me play peppy music where as my girlfriends insists that I take her to a disco.My car is my best navigation guide so I am never lost on the way where as my girlfriend has very poor road sense and if I were to rely on her I would end up at the wrong places.
My car does not expect me to remember its birthday, anniversary of when I first met her neither does she complain that I spend too little time with her.
Where as my girlfriend would skin me alive if I fail to tell her what she was wearing on a particular date. Or what ice cream did we share on our third date.

All it requires is that I get it fueled up regularly ,get the tyre pressure checked on a regular basis. Get the pollution check done and keep it ,clean tidy and glistening. She does not mind if I take her to the save service station or garage. Where as for my girlfriend food is not just to fill your tummy to get your daily does of calories,energy vitamins and minerals. It is something to be eaten out. Even if eating out was not enough it has to be Italian one day then Chinese on the next one and this sequence has to go forward without repeating the restaurants. Neither does she like to repeat the food menu the next day nor what she wears for the next evening. Thinking about all the dresses that I have bought her she still complains that she has nothing to wear. Where as my car is so understanding and docile that despite the fact that it has the same seat covers for almost a year now. No fancy salon visits, no pedicure or manicure only a public bath in the car wash followed by a little rubbing a little scrubbing and my car appears as happy as new. It never complaints and I wish my girl friend was a bit more like this. Moreover unlike my girlfriend she never asks me how do I look in this dress or have I become fat. Both these questions are a litmus test for any boyfriend and I have a reputation of scraping through my exams and tests with barely the passing marks but questions like these never fail to stump me as she always asks for my honest opinion but my honest opinions put me in the line of fire .
By this time I had heard enough and just wanted to make a graceful exit when my phone rang and it was my best friends girl friend calling……
to be contd….

 This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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