Saturday, 20 February 2016

What do the Smart Cookies do in a traffic Jam

So you are the smart cookie who uses his GPS and built in Navigation tool in his or her car and avoids the traffic jams? Just imagine what you would do if you found yourself surrounded by a sea of cars moving bumper to bumper and then suddenly all the cars come to a grinding halt then what would you do? Do you feel like abandoning your car among a sea of cars and walk away? Have we not thought of doing that at some point or the other?
There are options and there are options to be explored. First of all congratulations this is a fantastico opportunity for you . The reason I say this because I strongly believe in the adage that every challenge is an opportunity and besides I myself have spent so many hours,days and months of my life in traffic jams I have begun to see the brighter side of things.
So what would you do.Navigation through this jam is impossible.
Maybe you could open your laptop and do a virtual meeting with your client or log in to your office or telecommute and take your team to tasks for not meeting the targets. Reply to those endless emails of clients and long lost friends.
Or maybe if you are someone like me who has a couple of thousands mails waiting perpetually in your inbox waiting eternally to be answered.
Make those phone calls to chacha chachi's mama mami's uncles and aunts,cousin brothers and sisters even the one you cannot stand for that matter because you are living the golden moment of opportunity that this traffic jam has presented to you So people whom you have not seen and called in ages would become source of entertainment to you and its time to call and bond in this moment of glory and tell them like a character from a typical Bollywood family drama that “ Hum Saath Saath Hain”

Now let me see if you were even smarter and perhaps the smartest cookie so what would you do?
See what an intelligent question I have asked you? Perhaps even I do not know the answer to this one.
So let me assume that I am in the shoes of a smart cookie who is stuck in a traffic jam and try some method acting and let me improvise a bit.
After all an assumption is the first step towards reaching a theory which I would like to call “What the Smartest Cookies Do in a Traffic Jam”
So the moment I get in to the character of the smart cookie I hear loud honking of horns all around me
and I feel all this noise would add to stress so I need to de- stress so the best thing is yoga ,some dhyana and Meditation.
So I roll up the window to cut out the noise .Play some nice peppy music.
Take a Deep breath inhale. Hold My breath, count till 5 and Exhale . I do this about 10 times and I am already feeling relaxed. Like a true yoga exponent let me call it “Traffic Bhool Jao Aasan” or forget the traffic asana

I block my right nostril with my thumb and inhale with left nostril. I hold my breath and now exhale my breath from my right nostril blocking my left nostril.I repeat this ten times and then reverse the sequence by inhaling from my right nostril and exhaling from my left nostril. I repeat it again ten times

Next its time to practice the asanna that people do all the time when they are getting themselves photographed that is inhale pull your paunch in and hold .Hey this asana is known to everybody so let me re invent it. So instead exhale all your breath forcefully and pull your stomach inside like your tummy is getting in to shape. I once heard a baba ji tell me that with each exhalation if done properly one can loose upto 1 gram of weight. So don't do it for too long or for the entire duration of the traffic jam or you may feel that your clothes have out grown you many times and you may not be left with any thing to wear so do this “Patla Ho Jao Aasana” carefully
Then Sitting in the car I think I might just get old sitting in this car waiting for the traffic jam to end. So I device an aasana to reverse my aging or at least stimulate the stagnant neurons of my brain and trigger it to turn those grey hair black again so its time to start rubbing the nails of your hands against each other.Let me call it the “Budapa Jaye Jawani Aaye Aasana”
With so much yoga I am already feeling revitalized, rejuvenated and younger my mind is agile ,alert and oozing with creativity and then I get a brainwave that the aasana that I just invented were already invented by Indian sages hundred or thousands of years ago and they called them pranayama. Height of Plagiarism I must say! they copied my aasanas thousands of years before I even thought of them!
Hey I am getting another brainwave….
to write a poem and so I write…
Cars Cars Everywhere but Not a Car to Move…..
Did it ring a bell?
See I Knew you are one smart Cookie ;)

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