Saturday, 20 February 2016

Fun Things to do if you have a car in Delhi

Traveling by road in your car and exploring the paths less traveled along with the hot spots of a city is my way of exploring the city. Take for instance Delhi which offers a plethora of experiences. Here for instance the wide roads of Lutyen's Delhi where with its wide roads navigation by road is a breeze. The roads are broad and street lanes are strategically located. You can roll up the windows turn on the A.C or the heater depending upon the whether and move along listening to soft and peppy music.

Drive up to M-Block market take a round and see whats trending in this upscale south Delhi Select CityWalk Mall, DLF mall Saket or Vasant Kunj.

Want to see where the chic and trendy go out to eat on weekends? Well there are a number of places but I would like to mention the Hauz Khas Village, with designer boutiques and bistros, this place is nothing like a village that you would expect instead you could call it a global village and a melting pot of cultures where you would find the foreigners and Indians equally at ease.

The Moolchand paranthewala is another place you could drive up to if you are hungry and are close to the Moolchand area in south Delhi.

My food talk would remain incomplete if I do not mention Old Delhi and its fantastico food.

Old Delhi / Dilli 6/ Purani Dilli we call it by many names. Yet it remains the epicenter from where Delhi began to grow and expand. When ever I go to Delhi I prefer to park my car as close to the Chandni Chowk road. Though this road is motor able but finding a parking space is tough on working days. One can park and walk along this road passing through the Jain Bird Hospital which is the oldest bird hospital. Next you would pass the ancient and much revered Gauri Shankar Temple.Opposite to it is the Lajpat rai Market and Bhagirath Place market famous for all your electrical needs.The oldest cinema halls like Moti and Kumar are placed side by side.Dariba is a market in a lane on the left hand side if you have entered the Chandni Chowk from the red fort side .and famous for gold and silver jewelery.Along this side of the road itself is the famous Jalebi shop at the corner and the Paranthe wali Gali that sells various kinds of Paranthas.As you walk further you  would find shops selling Sarees and all kinds of other clothes.On the left side of the road after Dariba is located the SisGanj Gurudwara . Opposite to it is the fountain.

There is great hustle and bustle on the road as you would find people walking with cartons and boxes as this is also a wholesale market for clothes

Natraj (Place to eat chaat and snacks) Ghanta Ghar (Place where it used to be before it fell down) and the more prominent landmark is the Town Hall are not to be missed.

If you get tired of jostling your way through the crowds you can always stop at Natraj for a quick snack.

Delhi with its rich culture and heritage has attractions in every nook and corner of the city .So pick up your car and start exploring.
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