Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Reasons Why I would trade my bigger car for the fantastico TATA Zica

OK I have a big car , It takes me to my office and on some weekends to the supermarket. However with so much traffic on the road it gets stuck in the traffic more often, It is frustrating to see smaller ,smarter and faster hatchbacks zip past you as you are trying to negotiate traffic.
The Parking woes: A lot of big car owners like me would have experienced this that the parking attendant at the parking lot drives you away saying that the parking is full even though there may be still space left to park cars. The reason?: The parking lot can accommodate two mid segment or small cars in the space needed to park my big car. Thus they get  more revenue and I get no parking.
Why am I cribbing about the parking lot when I like most people live in an apartment block where there is no place to park my car under my assigned parking space as it protrudes out and not just blocks the traffic of all the neighbouring Sharma Ji's and Verma Ji's of the world but also makes it prone to scratches by passing vehicles. So be it rain or Sun I have to park my car at quite a distance away from my apartment and then take a walk weathering the climate. Where as all those compact hatchbacks zip around me mocking at my predicament of not being able to park close to my home.
I cannot take my car on narrow crowded streets as my car causes traffic jams so I have to park my car  at quite a distance from markets, wedding venues,fairs parking lots  and leave it unattended at the mercy of the elements and the unscrupulous operators looking for an opportunity to rob it of its side mirrors , the music system or any valuable accessory  that they can lay their hands on. After all the accessories cost a lot as compared to the accessories of a compact sedan like TATA Zica.
Why just the accessories even the running cost and maintenance of a big size car or an SUV is much more then that of a Compact hatchback like TATA Zica.
Every time my car goes for a service it costs me up to two or three times more then it cost a hatchback user to get his or her car serviced.
I am an experienced car driver yet there are moments when while reversing my car I hit a wall, a bicycle or a strategically parked scooter just because I simply could not see it in my rear view mirror.
However with improved visibility from the drivers seat due to its design I would be able to get a good view of the front while driving ahead and of the rear while reversing my car. Besides it has a state of the art Parking assist feature that would help me park it even in tight spots.
Powered by its Revotron 1.2 petrol and the Tata Zica Revotorq 1.05 diesel engine I would be able to zip past the bigger cars that jostle for space and parking.
Besides the features like
The New radiator grille with the ‘Humanity Line’ that makes TATA Zica give its fantastico look and makes it stand out from the crowd.
II. The New tail-lamp enclosures that makes it look classy and elegant
III. The Integrated rear spoiler: This adds to the looks
IV. The Dual-tone interior: To make me feel I own this space . The interiors promise to be plush,comfortable and elegant.
V. The Harman-sourced ConnectNext infotainment system: This is the thing that I have been looking forward to . For that immersive audio experience. I can play the media on my mobile through this system via bluetooth.
VI. The New dashboard integrated console: This blends so well with the rest of the interiors . Accessing the Navigation or any other feature of the car is a breeze.
VII. The 3-spoke power-steering with audio and mobile controls would enhance my overall drive control and experience
VIII. The Electronically adjustable ORVMs (outer rear view mirror's) come in handy to adjust the mirrors to view the approaching approaching traffic.
Above all my parking space would be mine alone and no parking attendant would turn my TATA Zica away That is the advantage of TATA Zica a Car made in India for every Indian

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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