Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Why its better to get a car then to get a boyfriend

In my previous post I had written that how after trying to give my best friend who was miffed with his girlfriend a patient hearing I was trying to make a graceful exit from the scene as I was in no position of hearing his constant comparison between his car and his girlfriend. I got a call from his girlfriend who sounded equally miffed. As the signal was weak I stepped out of the room walked a fair distance away and as the sound was not very clear I turned on the speaker phone.As I am their common friend she chose me to vent out her feelings. However the irony is that however much the two of them may fight their thinking is strikingly similar and that is why we refer to the two of them as made for each other couple. I do not know if she had overheard our conversation or was it her brainchild. Our conversation went like this.She said that
I wish instead of making him(referring to my best friend) my boyfriend I had got myself a car.
Hearing this I thought I was going to hear a repeat telecast but her reasoning went like this.
The car is there for me always be it to take me shopping or on long drives I don't have to beg it or request it like I have to with my boyfriend who is always busy with something or the other.
My boyfriend complains that he gets tired holding my bags but my car has all the space in the world to accommodate me and my shopping.
My boyfriend is always divided between his work, hobbies, friends and me where as my car is 100% my own and I do not have to share it with anyone.
I keep pampering my BF by gifting him clothes but he never seems to like them. Whereas when I get my car a new upholstery in a color of my choice it never complains.
I gift my boyfriend perfumes and deo's to kill that body odor but he never approves of my choices of perfumes where as my car smells the way I like it with my choice of car perfumes and it never revolts.
If I miss a service for my car then at most my car would give a slight creaky sound if we are in the rainy season or a little screechy sound due to the dry fan belt stretching itself due to the summer heat. I can take it for a service get it a car wash and its sparkling as new.
Whereas if I miss a date set by my boyfriend he instantaneously get irritable and sometimes even suspicious.
Unlike my boyfriend my car does not fight with me if I admiringly look at other guys.
However even if I dared glance at another guy in the presence of my boyfriend then he picks up a fight with me.
My car lets me play peppy music of my choice every time where as my boyfriend insists that I switch on the cricket commentary whenever he is in the car with me and a match is going on .
My car is my best navigation guide so I am never lost on the way where as my boyfriend always makes fun of my road sense and driving directions.

My boyfriend forgets birthday, anniversary and often fails to meet me on these important dates whereas my car is there for me 365 days of the year.
My boyfriend is hard to maintain and bear with his bear belly and unwashed shorts. He still believes that I should treat him as a stud and a demi god who is always right where as car is low maintenance, easier to keep clean and we get along well without getting into a fight.You just fuel it up and its ready for you but to get my boyfriend into the mood for anything I have to try out a hundred things.
My car would like any car freshener that I put in it unlike my boyfriend who never seems to like the fragrances that I buy for him. He finds them to be very feminine and detests using them. The same goes with the clothes that I suggest to him. He does not change his hair style and his hair color is so boring. With a car I can choose any color that I like when I get bored I can always get it a makeover done get the interiors redone or get stylish graphics and accessories to brighten It up.

My car would have a navigation system so can can reach anywhere without asking for directions. The parking assistant in my car would help me park in tight spots and dispel the myth that girls cannot drive.

My car would not look at other girls and would be there for me even when I have a bad hair day , not well dressed or even when I get fat.This is the point when I realized that my best friend was standing just next to me as he took the phone from my hand and spoke to his girlfriend on my phone. He said “Fat or Not I have always loved you and shall always do” This statement proved to build bridges between their wounded hearts and the love birds got reunited. They took out the car and drove away for a long drive. I could feel the peppy music play as they drove into the horizon to live happily ever after or till the time their next little tiff would do them apart but only for a little while.

This blog post is inspired by the blogging marathon hosted on IndiBlogger for the launch of the #Fantastico Zica from Tata Motors. You can apply for a test drive of the hatchback Zica today.

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