Thursday, 19 December 2013

The Unmatched Blackberry Crush Bacardi Breezer experience

 Think of a room filled with people ,standing in small groups and engrossed in their own activity.The door opens and suddenly a celebrity steps in .It may be Katrina or Sachin or anyone you may fancy.What happens then, there is a hushed silence, a feeling of awe and surprise ,then every one come into action, all make a move forward and gather together as one to come into contact with their favorite,to touch and feel or express. Their emotions are out on a rampage. This is  exactly what happens when  Bacardi breezer blackberry crush is opened ,there ia a gasp of surprise and as the flavour assails the senses ,all move forward to cheer and clap, everyone wanting a share and savour the taste. No more groups but one large mass reaching out for the thrilling experience.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Evolutionary Man

PC Man 1.0
My life as a computer user started as the PC Man 1.0,someone who sat in front of the desktop PC and typed merrily at the keyboard.The mechanical clicking sound of my keyboard  keys was like music to my ears.The life of the PC Man was simple yet important.He sat on top of the pyramid of importance.People looked upon him as a computer literate.He was respected and his opinion had weightage.Though my machine was relatively slow but there was an option to open it up and tinker with it and do any upgrade as needed.As time passed by the normal process of evolution took place and my desktop got replaced by a shining new laptop and I became the laptop man 2.0.

The laptop man 2.0.
.This was a faster machine and was portable.I took great pride in my new possession ,it was like moving from a bullock cart to a fast car.Winds of change swept once again and soon I found myself clutching onto a tablet.If you think that now I had become tabletman 3.0,then you are wrong because this evolutionary stage of mine is of a monkey man 3.0,
 Monkey Man 3.0
I am one of a crowd with everyone clutching onto their tablets with one hand and with the other hand holding onto the bar of a bus or a metro,or fiddling with a phone.All this goes in the name of multitasking.To an observer I  am looking like a monkey holding on to a branch,who frequently scrambles to recharge before the battery dies out and frequently shifting hands like a juggler.Instead of being evolved, the monkey man has limited options,the battery frequently dies out on him,limited options to install programs.He can only  install apps,unlike the desktop or laptop where there were options of installing and creating programs.
 now.the question of upgrading hardware does not exist.I can only give away my tablet and buy a new one.I finally hope that I evolve into the evolved man 4.0,

The evolved man 4.0,
who is the evolved tablet man and has the device that can be used as a desktop,a laptop and a tablet rolled into one with a long battery life,no hangups.It should be ergonomically designed so that it is easy to hold.In terms of hardware it should have the option of upgrading the ram ,the processors and the graphics.In terms of operating system I should have the option of choosing my own operating system and the option of installing both programs and apps.,and I hope one day I will become the evolved man 4.0

Wednesday, 4 September 2013

The Scent of my memories

Our olfactory perception is something that we take for granted. However what scientists have discovered is that we have a memory for scents and when we come across a familiar smell it triggers a chain of memory.

I have vivid memory of my childhood. Getting up in the morning used to be so much fun with fresh breeze bringing in the smell of roses from the outside garden.

There used to be certain defining moments that declared the arrival of the early hours of morning. The opening of the newspaper and the faint smell of ink that stimulated my young nostrils as my father & grandfather sat next to me and read it aloud reading out the news to me as if I understood ha ha ha.

Then breakfast used to be a ritual when our orange colored breadbox was taken out from the fridge and opening it was such a delight as it released the aroma of fresh bread .

This would be then put into the toaster that sat snugly on the dining table. Much before  the toast was done the toaster would increase my hunger many folds by releasing the aroma of bread being toasted.

Once toasted I got a big treat of a dollop of butter that was carefully spread over my toast by my mother or grandmother. The mixing of the aroma of the fresh molten butter and toasted bread created an aroma that made my hunger increase many folds.
Thinking about that experience makes my mouth water even today.

The smell of fresh coffee in the mornings used to be so refreshing and made me look forward to the day ahead with renewed enthusiasm.

During the summer months the mango tree in the courtyard would fill the air with a tangy sweet sour aroma of mangoes  .

We kids could hardly wait for the fruits to mature as we impatiently waited for them during our summer vacations. Out favourite pastime used to be eating paranthas cooked in some desi ghee the aroma of which would fill the entire household and worked as the lunch time alarm bell as nobody had to be called and everyone automatically were drawn to the dinner table. 

When the jar of  homemade mango & lemon pickle used to be opened it used to make everyone jostle for their share and for me it was a race to get the biggest share.

The rainy season was the time most awaited by everyone as after so many months of scorching heat, the raindrops falling on the dry ground released such a refreshing earthy smell.

This aroma hitting our nostrils was the declaration of end of the summers. To this aroma got mixed the smell of kerosene that my grandmother used in
her stove on which she cooked such wonderful treats like besan ka pakodas in sarson ka teil and tea.


Why it smelt so good in the rainy season is something I would never know but rekindles sweet memories of childhood.
Now that we live in a flat we are exposed to smells of pollution or what the neighbours are cooking  in the kitchen. Thank god we have ambipur that not just masks & suppresses these smells but also kills them keeping our home feeling fresh and clean .

Friday, 26 July 2013

A memorable road trip

It had been a dull week,to break the monotony I planned with my friends to go in search of some excitement.What could be better than a road trip.To feel the exhilaration as the wind ruffled our hair as we would move through different scenarios.My friends were an assorted lot,a photographer,a drummer,and a teacher.
My teacher friend Anurag had a peculiar habit of not taking a bath on weekends.On other days he was a very prim immaculate person but come weekends the child in him surfaced and his untidy looks were enhanced by his unkempt hair.My drummer friend Sid used very strong smelling deos and he selected very weird smell ones..My photographer friend  Vasu reeked of tobacco.It was decided that I would take my car for the trip,My friends had collected at a common point and as they made .themselves comfortable ,my car was filled with a heady concoction of strong smells.It was so overpowering that I felt dizzy but them it dissapeared .I rolled down my window  as we approached a petrol pump ,a truck overtook us from the wrong side spitting a cloud of smelly diesel smoke into our car. I got the tank filled up for the trip ahead as we were heading  from Delhi to Rishikesh.
We first felt that we are heading towards the country side when we went beyond Modinagar.
We stopped en route to sip hot tea from the mud bakes cups. The aroma of tea got enhanced with the aroma of the mud cups.
Going further toward Meerut we were greeted with rain and the earthy smell of  raindrops falling on ground was very refreshing. However as we approached Meerut we felt the strong smell of molasses hitting our nostrils. We bought some freshly made gur(jaggery) on our way.We came across many fruit vendors selling variety of fruits that we could not resist buying them filling the car with their fruity flavour.
We took lunch at road side eatery (dhaba) where big welcome boards were displayed. The music was playing out loudly belting out bollywood songs. The dhaba boasted of a live kitchen where a tadka was being applied to the dal before being served. This enhanced our hunger and in spite of the food being a bit oily we had our fill.
Soon we crossed Roorkee and had our first glimpse of the distant hills. The breeze was fresh and inspiring. We passed Haridwar and landed happily at Rishikesh. In the evening we attended the Aarti, which was a site to behold and we even floated dia’s in the holy river. We retired early as we had planned to go river rafting the next day.
After a successful expedition we headed back home reliving the pleasant moments of our journey. The route we took was

On reaching back Delhi ,I had to give my car a good wash at it had quite a lot of dust,soot and grime on its exterior. However to the surprise of my friends the interior of the car smelt as fresh as always because
besides my three friends I had another secret companion my trusted Ambi pur car odour killer that released its fresh  aroma in the car and killed all the bad odours keeping the car smelling fresh as always.


Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Spring wishlist

  • Spring wishlist

  • Blue Point Collar Denim Blouse with Embroidered Anchor

Featuring soft blue denim fabric, point collar, twin flap pockets to chest, embroidered anchor throughout body, long sleeves with buttoned cuffs, and button closure to front, curved hem design, in a flattering fit.

  • Cable Knit Sweater with High Low Hem

This sweater has been made from a soft knit fabric. The details include: a round neckline, a fine gauge knit with a cable knit design, long sleeves styling and a high low curved hemline finish. The sweater has been cut with a regular fit.

  • High Top Trainers with Diamante Embellishment

These flat shoes have been made with a leather look upper and a flatform sole. The details include: a signature styling with diamante embellishment, lace-up fastening with metal eyelets, zip detailing to the side, a rounded toe, stitched panel design and an ankle cut.

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  • Candy Color Sweater with Vent Hemline

This sweater has been crafted from cotton-mix knit fabric, with a soft hand feel. The details include: a ribbed crew neckline, long sleeves styling with ribbed cuffs, a fine gauge knit in color block design and vent details to the hemline. The sweater has a regular fit.

  • White Oversized Round Neckline T-shirt with Twin Triangle Print

Featuring soft fabric in white, round neckline, short sleeves, twin triangle print to front, in a loose fit and fashion style.

Thursday, 14 February 2013

why the stock maket crashes because of me?

The secret Why the stck Market Crashes

I am the normal 9 to 6 guy. Like any 9-6 guy I have dreams. Dreams of getting rich. Dreams where instead of I working so hard my money working hard for me while I rest ,holiday or spend time with friends. So I delve into the stock market. Invest small sums of money which may be small from my stock brockers point of view but constitute a significant part of my salary.So what is the corelation between me & the stock market crash ? I shall delve into this issue in my next post.