Monday, 28 December 2015


The Dark side is always fascinating as it is full of intrigue and laden with unexplored power that is ready to be unleashed.
Yes I am in love with the Dark side for its sheer power just as the Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook that beckons all mankind to #AwakenYourForce

Human beings are a complex species who are always attracted towards the dark side and dark forces. Be it life or films the bad boy always gets a lot of attention
For me the red glow of each key fires up my desire to pursue my own passion of movie making.

The Star Wars is indeed the fuel for imagination and inspiration for Science fiction and all movie buffs in general so the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook is loaded with Stuff that would make any movie buff drool over as it. It  has some collector items stored on this  notebook computer that is much more then any other notebook has.It is laden with Star Wars goodies and memorabilia.

"Completely immerse yourself in the iconic Star Wars™ universe. This notebook comes preloaded with rare wallpapers, screen savers, concept art, and original trilogy storyboards from the Star Wars archives."
Star Wars has over a 40 years history and this laptop is loaded with over 1100 images from this 40 years legacy and has images of original art work ,behind the scene art works and some storyboards that were never accessible to the Star Wars Fans.

As a Star Wars fan I use to crave to have a poster of R2D2 and the characters holding their light sabres.
This notebook is the answer to a lot of my prayers As now I can have a notebook where the standard notifications have been replaced with the iconic star wars sounds so the familiar sound of R2D2 and light sabres are never far away.Star war themed wall papers ensure that the Star Wars Saga keeps unfolding around me through this sleek notebook computer.

Then there is the not to be missed bonus in the form of The first Marvel Star Wars™ comic in the series, e-book excerpts from the Star Wars™ Universe and Star Wars™ movie trailers all come pre-loaded on the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook.

If this were not enough it has the Aurebesh font that would let me type like the citizens of Coruscant.
Incidentally Aubesh is the Galactic Base Standard language that comes loaded in the font library of the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook.
Wow so I can just type in I love the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook
and it would read

I love the Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook

So if any body intercept's a message which reads
Then please don't try to block it as it means "I love You" and it is meant for Rey,R2D2 ,Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo and each and every character,actors,technicians and the team members who have made Star War movies into epic cult classics. 

It is a power house of performance with its Full HD,2 Intel® Core TM i5 processor,1 red backlit keyboard, and Audio by B&O PLAY, you'll revel in its galaxy-spanning power. Be prepared to surrender all of your senses.
Making it the perfect choice for playing games and rendering animations and editing my movies

It has a Full HD anti glare display with a dazzling view with an extra wide viewing angle that enhances the viewing pleasure of watching movies and playing games  on the 39.62cm (15.6") diagonal FHD anti-glare display. 2
This would ensure that I can view all my videos and games with utmost clarity and with minimal eye strain

Watching movies would never be the same again on this laptop with the
Audio by B&O PLAY
. Don't just listen. Let HP with Audio by B&O PLAY move you.

With so many features and power under its hood the Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook truly makes me feel that "the force is with me".
With so much power,art and creativity around me I am inspired to draw, sketch and animate all my favorite Star Wars characters on this new  Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook and pay my tribute to  this great Saga of technology and Story Telling.

To all the dreamers and lovers of the Star Wars Movies I have only one thing to say #AwakenYourForce and may the force be with you

Exploring my Fun Side with the Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook

Ever Since I can remember I was fascinated by the Star Wars Movies. I had an inkling that I was in someway connected to the star wars.
Maybe I was a lost Jedi


or door ka cousin of Yoda who got separated from him at the Kumbh Ka Mela in some Previous life of mine

Or like one day you discover that some distant long lost uncle of yours whom you never met and who lived in Africa has left all his riches for you 
I had the wish that Darth Vader would one day remember that I am his long lost nephew and the only relative of his and bestow upon me all his powers and best of all his light sabre.

 If you are reading this post of mine then you must be thinking why am I discussing my family tree over here?
Actually I have just come across the Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook

 This power packed Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook is not just a power house of performance but it is an object of desire for any Star Wars movies fan.
For me it brings back memories of all the Star War movies that I have seen. It brings excitement and the  same rush of Adrenalin that I experience every time  I watch a Star Wars movie.
The only difference is that the nostalgia and power it wields over me is unimaginable.
Just looking at the exterior I feel I am part of the Star Wars Saga.
 The red back lit keyboard with its glow gives me the feel of holding my light Sabre. It wields both power and grants me control to the Star Wars Kingdom

The feel of being powerful is to be experienced to be believed. The red glowing keys are not there to give you just a feel of being powerful but they actually put the power of a Star Wars Space ship at your disposal. At the click of a button you get access to the Command Centre which gives you access to the Empire. And what an access it is.
You get access to over 11 images that span the journey of a 40 years Star Wars Movies legacy.

It gives me access to the control center from where I can unlock the treasure of the Star Wars galaxies.
It gives me access to a treasure of content hidden from the eyes of the universe for over forty years.

  behind the scene of Star Wars

If images are worth a thousand words than authentic star war sounds add more masala to the entertainment value.

If these collect-able memorabilia were not enough to floor any star wars fan then it is loaded with Bonus goodies

Just as Star Wars Movies appeal to the senses at various level so is this Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook . Here is a laptop that makes me feel that I am part of the Star Wars team and truly a citizen of Coruscant  This amazing laptop  comes loaded with the ability to write and communicate in Aurebesh which is the Galactic Base Standard language .

So much for the sources of inspiration
With so much inspiration I am bound to excel in what ever I do
So be it making animations
or Editing my movies
The Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook awakens my dark and the creative side
So much so that I am inspired to remake a lot of Bollywood movies by casting the characters from the Star Wars Movies

I cannot help but think how it would feel to have a remake of Mr India and the role of Mogambo would be done by Darth Vader and belt out his iconic lines

Star Wars is a cult film with a huge following yet there would be so many people untouched by the magic of the Star Wars movies, with this intention I would like to remake the Munnabhai Series with 
Darth Vader playing the role of Munna and who else but R2D2 to play the role of circuit. Any guesses about what the movie would be called?

Offcourse it would be called
Lage Raho Darth Vader Bhai!

So all the Star Wars Movie fans #AwakenYourForce and let us hold our Intel Powered Star Wars™ Special Edition Notebook close to our hearts and inspired by this marvel of technology spread our love for the Star Wars.

Monday, 21 December 2015

Your Rights and Justice

For every hundred women who are subjected to sexual violence only one reports the crime against her. This act of hiding the truth under a veil of secrecy starts the journey of pain,humiliation,suffering and un imaginable misery that may have many pitfalls on the way like unwanted pregnancies, STD's untreated wounds and poor and low self esteem. So it is of utmost importance to report the matter and seek justice.Seeking justice is the first step towards redeeming oneself from the pain and suffering. It is also the declaration that you are not to be blamed for the act and it was not a fault of yours.
One should seek justice so that
1) Coming out as the survivor of an act of Sexual Violence one needs advice,solace and a patient hearing.The survivor needs people who around her who can comfort and soothe the frayed nerves and this is possible only by coming out into the open and reporting the crime.
Yes it is tough but the fact that not reporting is tougher as the incident keeps replaying  in our heads and letting it revisit the survivor as nightmares. To make this process easier the law pertaining to offenses of sexual violence have been amended. So when such a crime is reported the law states that a woman police needs to be present at the time of recording the statement so that the victim feels comfortable reporting the incident. It has also been made possible to let the survivor file an FIR at any police station instead of having to go to the police station that is nearest to the scene of the crime.
If even this is a problem then a family member , a witness or a friend can also file a complaint with the police. The only condition is that this should happen with the consent of the survivor and the survivor must go and file the FIR at some time in the future.
Even if the survivor or the crime wishes to send a complaint as email or phone it is considered to be valid complaint and action is initiated.
If the person is a physically or mentally challenged person who cannot go to the police then the police would come to that person and register the FIR.
2) Every time a case of sexual violence is reported more and more convictions will happen so the people who believe that they can get away with such an act will fear the wrath of law and eventually there would be lesser and lesser incidents of sexual violence against the women in our society.
3) Thirdly it increases the level of protection for the survivor against becoming a repeat victim of the crime as the law would be on the lookout for and eventually punishing the offender so he is less likely to be stalking the victim and committing a repeat of his heinous act.
All in all now with the new law against Sexual Violence Acts like stalking, Voyeurism and sexual harassment are also dealt with the same severity and must be reported immediately.

 “I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”

Only if you know your rights

It is said that knowledge is power. This statement could not be more true in the case of dealing with a situation of Sexual Violence. This is a very important issue being faced by the girls and the women of our society. There is still so much ignorance, fear and anxiety about how to deal with such a case that only one in 100 women reports a crime and the rest …
Well they suffer ,laden with shame,fear, hurt both mental and physical. Their lot can change with the power of knowledge.
A lot of people believe that it is best not to report such matters to the police as it would bring a bad name to their families. However the truth is that it is very important to report such incidents. As such matters are reported more and more rapist and sexual violence offenders would be booked under IPC and justice would prevail
1) Approaching The Police: The big hurdle. As per IPC whenever a women reports a crime against her that falls under the category of sexual violence then a female police officer is present at the time of registering of the report. This is to help the victim report the crime with confidence.
The victim is at liberty to file an FIR at any police station and need not have to visit the police station nearest to the sight of the crime.
Even a friend,Witness or family member can register the complaint as long as its with the consent of the victim. The victim of the crime can later go to the police station and file the FIR later on.
The Indian penal court has given liberty to the victim to make a complaint via phone or email.

By reporting a crime of sexual violence she is entitled to get a lawyer from the court of law in case she wishes to choose so.
2) By reporting a crime a women is not just fulfilling her duty as a citizen but also taking a resolve that she needs justice. This justice can only be provided to her in case she asks  for it.
3) The pain and trauma that a victim of sexual violence goes through can only be healed if she gets up and fights for getting justice.
Good medical treatment and counseling which are very important for her to begin approaching the normal lifestyle or at least try to achieve it. Standing up to get justice is one of the important things on the path of recovery and moving on.
Incidentally the law about sexual violence has changed from 2013 . It covers acts including sexual harassment, voyeurism and stalking. This gives each girl and women the safety to report crimes that build up to wards acts of sexual violence and rape if not reported at the earliest . As many acts of rape and sexual violence start as an act of stalking, voyeurism or sexual harassment. The women should come forward and take a stand to protect themselves.

“I’m writing this blog post to support Amnesty International’s #KnowYourRights campaign at BlogAdda. You can also contribute to the cause by donating or spreading the word.”

Sunday, 13 December 2015

The Bangalore Diaries

Thinking of Bangalore the first thing that comes to my mind are the lush green farms on its outskirts . The retired folks who decided to settle there after a long hardworking life.
Connect The beautiful Bangalore airport that connects the beautiful city to the rest of the world. For me it is the pearl of the south or let me say India.This beautiful city is not only connected by air though its vast and extensive airport but also through road and rail. For commuting within the city it has a wonderful network of roads  and a well developed transport system.
The Design of Bangalore is such that it is a mix of the old and the new. On one side are the old houses build by people decades ago and on the other side are the multistory housing complexes that house so many people who are drawn to this city for various employment opportunities. Be it in the field of information technology or other multinational employers who have their offices in Bangalore. The design of city is such that it preserves the old palaces and buildings of the era gone bye along with giving opportunities of growth and expansion to new ideas and structures. That is the reason that Bangalore has become the Information Capital of India. The appeal and planning of this well designed struch ensures that infrastructure  and opportunities are a plenty both for the employes as well as employees. The result is that there are more then 1500 Information Technology companies in Bangalore or Bangaluru as some people like to call it.Its not just IT but a host of other companies which include more 650 multinational companies over 66 global fortune 500 companies call Banguluru their home apart from numerous home grown industries.
All this infrastructure would not have been possible had it not been for the DRIVE of the people of Bangaluru. Talking of Drive I loved to go on long drives on the roads of Bangaluru specially at night. There was a time when people used to head towards south Banguluru SB to get some mouth watering lip smacking food but not now a days I find good food is available in practically every part of the city. I would not be surprised if people begin to call Banguluru as the food capital of the country. Going for a drive to nearby places like Ooty and Mysore is such a great way to rewind and refresh but on second thoughts Banguluru is the place where the people work hard and party harder making every day feel like a paid working holiday . The office culture is good and so is the weather making it the best city in terms of Design, Drive and   Connect