Monday, 21 December 2015

Only if you know your rights

It is said that knowledge is power. This statement could not be more true in the case of dealing with a situation of Sexual Violence. This is a very important issue being faced by the girls and the women of our society. There is still so much ignorance, fear and anxiety about how to deal with such a case that only one in 100 women reports a crime and the rest …
Well they suffer ,laden with shame,fear, hurt both mental and physical. Their lot can change with the power of knowledge.
A lot of people believe that it is best not to report such matters to the police as it would bring a bad name to their families. However the truth is that it is very important to report such incidents. As such matters are reported more and more rapist and sexual violence offenders would be booked under IPC and justice would prevail
1) Approaching The Police: The big hurdle. As per IPC whenever a women reports a crime against her that falls under the category of sexual violence then a female police officer is present at the time of registering of the report. This is to help the victim report the crime with confidence.
The victim is at liberty to file an FIR at any police station and need not have to visit the police station nearest to the sight of the crime.
Even a friend,Witness or family member can register the complaint as long as its with the consent of the victim. The victim of the crime can later go to the police station and file the FIR later on.
The Indian penal court has given liberty to the victim to make a complaint via phone or email.

By reporting a crime of sexual violence she is entitled to get a lawyer from the court of law in case she wishes to choose so.
2) By reporting a crime a women is not just fulfilling her duty as a citizen but also taking a resolve that she needs justice. This justice can only be provided to her in case she asks  for it.
3) The pain and trauma that a victim of sexual violence goes through can only be healed if she gets up and fights for getting justice.
Good medical treatment and counseling which are very important for her to begin approaching the normal lifestyle or at least try to achieve it. Standing up to get justice is one of the important things on the path of recovery and moving on.
Incidentally the law about sexual violence has changed from 2013 . It covers acts including sexual harassment, voyeurism and stalking. This gives each girl and women the safety to report crimes that build up to wards acts of sexual violence and rape if not reported at the earliest . As many acts of rape and sexual violence start as an act of stalking, voyeurism or sexual harassment. The women should come forward and take a stand to protect themselves.

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