Wednesday, 20 May 2015

TLC from my first expert

I am cooking a meal for a special Person who has been my go to person for all my needs.

 As it is a special meal, I am referring to my cooing notes which too I have taken down from this very special person .This very special person is none other than my mother. She is a life coach,best friend ,agony aunt ,and off course a Super Mom

Since she has been doing so much for me so perhaps I should add another of her favorite dish to the menu.

Though I seek advice from so many people but my mother’s advice  always hits the nail on the head.She has the habit of removing the chaff from the grain and reaching to the root of the problem. No issue or problem remains too big to tackle when she dissects it into small tangible pieces that can be handled with ease, such is my mother . So it’s not just day to day issues and life matters that I seek her advice on but she always has the most practical solutions for me always and every time.From her tips on how to score the maximum in a cricket match to winning in a game of marbles and handling life situations she will always be my first expert in what ever I do.
This calls for a toast and so let me add her favorite lemonade to this list.

You may say that how can one person have all the answers to all your needs? In my case that’s the way it has been for me. I have a mom who is sensitive, intelligent and has a cure for all my ills.

She is the person who had given me some very practical advice for my college project.   
And why just college even in school she used to be the person who helped me always with my homework and my studies.

The expert who taught me how to draw
My personal Expert who taught me how to hold a pencil

If and when I fell she was the one who came running to help me and wiped my tears

The one who taught me  how to stand up for the first time and held me so that I do not fall
She was my go to person even before I could speak who understood what I wanted by the way I cried as an infant.

My first expert who has been taking care of me even before I knew that I existed and was perhaps like a tiny spec in her womb.

 She is the one who celebrated my first heart beat within her and my first kick within her womb as if I am a Pele or a Beckham. She has helped me in learning how to swim like a dolphin and find my way and my goal in a world that is like a big sea  full of unknown dangers and big fish.How can I ever forget my life transforming moment when my hair got discolored due to a chemical reaction in the chemistry lab. I was simply devastated. Then my angel my first expert came to my rescue.She shared with me her secret which she had been using for several years. It was the hair color her most trusted Godrej brand that made her look youthful.I followed her advice and presto it was a perfect looking me that looked back at me from the mirror. Perhaps even if I cook a meal to celebrate every moment of her being with me and helping me unconditionally every moment of my life. It would end up being a big party that would salute and be a tribute to every moment my mother thought of me,cared for and gave me birth and life.Yet it would never be enough.

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Thursday, 14 May 2015

3 things that make myairtel app irresistible

I am a consumer of Airtel services and the moment I got to know about myairtel app my heart jumped with joy when I looked at the attractive features. Any Airtel  user be it Prepaid or Postpaid,mobile or DTH user can use this app by Airtel to manage his or her account .Any prepaid mobile phone would have experienced my predicament that is whenever we recharge our phone a part of the money goes away as tax and soon after we have recharged our phones then a new recharge offer comes along. Perhaps to save its loyal customers Airtel has come up with the myairtelapp that makes each recharge rewarding. So every time you recharge your Airtel connection there are a number of options or free offers to choose from ranging from getting  a free beverage to other offers, a user can take his or her pick and in the process not just get the best deal of a recharge but also get a free goodie to go with it. This goody or “Airtel Surprises” as it is better known as would entitle the user coupons from  a large range like shopping,food,wellness,entertainment etc and the brands for which a coupon can be taken are well known brands like PVR Cinemas,CafĂ© coffee Day,,,,,Archies,VLCC and many others.

The second most enticing feature is the fact that it lets me decide whats important for me and add it under the “I Want To” tab
For example for me bill payment is a priority so I can add “Bill Payment” under the category of “I want  to”
Apart from this some of the common task’s and categories that I can add to the “I want to ” tab are
Recharge : This segment lets me select the best recharge option according to my usage and requirements.
Buy Pack: At any point when I have to buy any pack than I need not go anywhere I can just select and execute the buy order for the pack from the App..
Record Program: Why miss your favorite program when you can record it from the app menu and view it with ease later at a more convenient time.
Order Games: Games are a great draw for a lot of users like me. Now I can place the order for a new game right from the app interface itself.
View Balance: No need to call customer care or dial the IVR helpline number to check the balance. From within this app , a user can find the balance of his device that is using an Airtel service.
Data Consumed:This app makes data usage viewing a very easy task.
Check recharge history: A recharge history is a very nice way to know the history of the last recharges. This way I can track the usage and perhaps also control it.

So far it proves to be a dream app for me now the next most important thing on my mind is the security of payments.Whenever I do online transactions I am concerned about my safety. This Airtel app lets me save my credit card information for making quick payments. I feel secure using this app while transacting with it as it uses PCI DSS certification . This gives me the confidence that my information is secure .The interface is very easy to understand and navigate. So one can easily use the app as there is very little learning involved.The bill tracking is in real time so I can track it with ease. The fact that I can customize the app and make it suit my needs is a plus that is bound to make it a favorite of a lot of people.

Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Pepsi ad My choice

Pepsi IPL has been much talked about and videos have been made to describe the impact of Pepsi and IPL. After passing through the phase 1 and phase 2 we are at the phase 3 of Crash the Pepsi IPL. Many people have taken part by writing blogs on this subject. Pepsi gave people an opportunity to #CrashThePepsiIPL by making ads that would be featured during the Pepsi IPL matches Others have been more adventurous and made videos on this subject. They have shown their creativity and their videos are there to be seen and commented upon. It is our task now to vote for them. We have to describe what we see and write about the salient features of the video that we have chosen to vote for. This process of voting would give them a chance to win and they would be declared a winner. In the gallery of videos there are the Finalists and all those who have submitted their video ads. The final winning People’s Choice Pepsi IPL Ad would be featured on the TV during the last leg of the Pepsi IPL. It will not be chosen by the esteemed jury like the rest of the ads, but it will be chosen by the people of India, who will vote for their favorite ads and send them straight to TV screens during the Pepsi IPL.
The entry ; It's not just a Soft Drink by Koninica Dasgupta takes the meaning of the abhi concept to a different level. It shows the friendship between a girl and a boy getting stronger with each Pepsi that they drink together. Eventually the girl gets a pleasant surprise when she finds a proposal ring in a glass which previously had Pepsi.

what a path this video take’s from drinking Pepsi together to a proposal.

SATISH PALACHOLLA puts together a video called tribal cricket. Here is a casting coup like no other. Usually one expects film stars, cricketers or other celebrities being featured in a Pepsi Ad. In this Ad one finds a bunch of tribal’s playing cricket and to complete the scene is the tribal lingo and there comes the leader of the tribe who drinks Pepsi and hits a cricketing shot. What an interpretation of the Pepsi concept of abhi.

The video by Nikita Deshpande is my favorite. It shows how the IPL has so many teams that bring in so much of diversity yet Pepsi is the binding and the common factor that goes well with food and people of all regions. “Its abhi” or the time to drink a Pepsi. It is both simple, comprehensive and refreshing like a Pepsi.

 “I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”

My vote my favorite ad

Looking at the range of ads present in the gallery over here : The first impression I get is the wide range of thoughts and creative styles used to interpret the brief. Indeed ours is a country of more then a billion people with different hopes aspirations and creative styles and the collection of videos are a reflection of this fact. A lot of work has been put together in each video ad entry. Looking from the freshness point of view and the diversity of thought I find this platform has opened floodgates of creativity. Each video entry is a winner in its own right.
Here are a few video entries that caught my attention.
The video “For all Emotions” has been uploaded by Kalai Selvan R. It captures a vignette of emotions and puts them together in a common thread of joy using Pepsi. It is an interesting take and interpretation of the brief

For every match there is a Pepsi is the tagline of Crash the Pepsi IPL "Match"
Uploaded by Godfrey Edge

It adds the romantic angle to its approach where a guy who is keen to impress a girl leaves a Pepsi outside her door everyday to woo her and finally they meet in a lift. It presents an interesting interpretation of the line “For every match there is a Pepsi”

I like the video uploaded by Pranav Bhasin and it is called Selective Hearing it is an interesting take and slightly quirky one on the subject of selective hearing. It shows the main protagonist who is manning a shop that sells Pepsi and other articles. When a customer approaches the protagonist and asks him for water he simply does not hear him. However  when another person approaches him and wants a Pepsi he is able to hear him well and he gives him the Pepsi gladly. Here is a link to Pranav Bhasin’s video

The video titles “Buddies” is a video made and submitted by Muni Agarwal. It shows the camaraderie of friends .However a points comes when two of the friends blindfold their third friend who is a girl. As they play a game of hide and seek the friends open can’s of coke and they enjoy it. Here is the video link of Muni Agarwal

The video ad which I like the best and would like to vote for is Desire which is a video created by Arun Chikkop and it uses a backdrop of yoga and meditation to emphasize the fact that the time to drink a Pepsi is Abhi . The ad though reminds me of a similar concept that has been around yet it is well executed and is an interesting  video. Here is the link to Arun Chikkop’s video entry that can be viewed in the gallery.

“I’m voting for the best ads in the #CrashThePepsiIPL activity in association with BlogAdda from 8th May to 14th May. Are you?”

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Ek Nayi League with Kapil

The way the #EkNayiLeague is being talked about by Kapil Dev arouses our curiosity and makes me wonder as what this #EkNayiLeague is that Kapil Dev is talking of. The one thing that comes up foremost in our minds is that he is a great fan of Dev Sahab the evergreen hero of Bollywood. He was a star who did not believe in retirement and when Kapil Dev talks to him about his plans of retiring from cricket, Dev Sahab is most vehement in accepting retirement of a cricket star like Kapil Dev. This aspect shows that the #EkNayiLeague which Kapil Dev is talking about is about his interaction with famous film celebrities and their view on retirement from their respective fields of work.
Kapil Dev insists that this #EkNayiLeague has members who are not required to play from their heart. So most probably the members of this league are supposed to work with their mind instead of their dil. It seems to be quite a challenging opportunity.
Kapil Dev next talks about Tennis and the role of girls in pursuing these sports. So this new league also involves sports personalities especially girls who make a name for themselves and their country by coming in the top twenty. Thus this league also has members who are girls and who are excelling in the sports of Tennis.
Next in this #EkNayiLeague are the youth all the boys and girls who are keen sports enthusiasts and are actively pursuing a career in sports. Kapil Dev feels happy for them and is also proud of them.
Kapil Dev then speaks of his times when he used to play cricket. In those times cricket was just a sports and not a money churner for all those who participated in cricket matches. When traveling abroad Kapil Dev used to wonder as to how certain sports persons like Tiger Woods had amassed great wealth. But now things have changed and with the coming of IPL sports persons are being bought at amazing prices .Better the player greater is the price that he gets. Now our cricket league players are earning in crores.
Next in the line of the members of this #EkNayiLeague are the TV stars. Kapil Dev is shown conversing with Kapil Sharma the famous host of Comedy nights with Kapil. Kapil Sharma has earned name and fame with his famous show where he invites celebrities from different fields and walks of life. His interactions with them makes his show interesting and as Kapil Dev puts it many a times his questions pose a googly for them.
Kapil Dev invites Kapil Sharma to be a part of this #EkNayiLeague and see if he can face the googlies presented to him.
To sum up this #EkNayiLeague has various personalities ranging from film stars to cricket hot shots, the youth playing sports and the hosts of famous TV shows. Apparently this is what this #EkNayiLeague is all about. Kapil Dev asks us to follow him on his twitter handle to learn what this league is all about and of which the host is Kapil Dev.